Best Slip on Mufflers for Harley Softail [All Models]

Every bike enthusiast loves riding on a motorbike with great sounds, and so slip-on mufflers are a great buy for all bikers. An exhaust system can replace the factory one or boost the performance. Also, they can boost the exhaust airflow leading to better torque and power. When you think of upgrading your bike’s exhaust system, you need to consider the results you wish to get. The article seeks to guide you in choosing the best slip-on mufflers for Harley Softail for the best performance.

Best Slip on Mufflers for Harley Softail [Comparison] 

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1. Vance & Hines Straight Shots HS

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Vance and Hines model, literally the leading model in the market, is our first option for the purpose. It can go well with many models. As a slip-on, this muffler is a quality and unique component.

The model is a top performer, especially when it comes to sounds. It has a full-length heat cover and comes in either chrome or black finish. With the model, you get a boost in the performance and the sound. For those after a model that never disappoints, this is the muffler to go for.

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2. Vance & Hines Twin Slash

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This Twin Slash model comes in as our runners up and for a reason. It incorporates a round muffler body that not only boosts performance but the bike’s overall appearance. The model is a favorite among many, considering the few mechanical issues and maintenance. It minimizes heat discoloration and needs no maintenance. Provided you keep it clean after the ride, you will never experience issues with the muffler.

The model comes as a 3-inches muffler that emits a deep rumble sound at all speeds, even when riding fast. If looking for a muffler that performs awesomely, this is the model you can choose. The model also does not change in color since exhaust heat never affects it.

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None yet

3. Vance & Hines 16879 Twin Slash Rounds

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Just like most Vance and Hines models, this product incorporates a chrome finish. It offers awesome features, including a full-length muffler body shield that also boosts the model’s looks and design. You will also love the blue-proof appearance and the model’s performance.

The slip-on muffler incorporates special design features as the twin-slash ends. The chrome finish reduces discoloration and offers a boost in torque and power.

Is there any complaint?

Too loud for some

4. Cobra 3” RPT Slip-On Mufflers

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For those in search of a louder than conventional model choice, they can never go wrong with cobra 3 RPT. The slip-on model is designed to please those who hate going un-noticed with the bike sound.

The trumpet-like bell makes it possible to achieve incredible sounds from the v-twin sound. When it comes to performs and durability, the model rates high.

Is there any complaint?

Too loud

5. Rinehart 500-0200 Chrome

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With the model standing out among the leaders in the muffler’s market, they offer 3 mufflers with a sound that every biking enthusiast will love.

The model offers equal performance, quality, and sound upgrade on most V-Twin models. Whichever touring model you own, it is most likely to go well with this product.

Is there any complaint?

Not compatible with most Fat Bob models

6. Cobra NH Series Slip-On Exhaust

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As a fully aware rider of what you want in a slip-on muffler, consider going with this Cobra NH model to boost your riding experience. The product incorporates a deep rumble that sounds great while boosting the bike’s performance on the road.

The muffler incorporates a unique design complete with trumpet-like bells giving room for a V-Twin soundtrack. With such features, you get an aggressive sound for a better riding experience.

Is there any complaint?

Durability concerns

7. Freedom Performance Exhaust

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You can get a muffler in chrome or black finishes, and the model fits well on most Harley rides. If looking for a performing and stylish model, then is the product to buy. The muffler is a dual-type model incorporating chrome-finished steel.

The model’s turn-out exhaust system design incorporates a two-step performance that aids in delivering optimal horsepower and torque.

Is there any complaint?

Too loud

What’s Special about the Harley Softail?

The Harley Softail models are so special when it comes to power and performance. With its high output twin cam engine, the Softail offers more power, boosted torque, quicker speed, and over 103 cubic displacement inches. With such qualities, you get a super and intense ride.

Is Slip On Harley Muffler Good?

These slip-on mufflers are not only affordable but can reinstate the appearance on your Harley’s bike, offering a custom look. The mufflers will make your motorcycle louder, leading to a loud rumble that anyone will love.

Why Do Softail Models Require Distinctive Slip Ons?

The distinctive slip-on is ideal for boosting the exhaust look and sound as you ride.

Buying Considerations – Get the Best Slip-On Muffler for Your Softail

Sound Intensity

Every rider wants a perpetual sound from the bike’s exhaust, so they go buying new exhausts. You need to understand the sound profile for a better purchase since some exhausts run quietly, while others give louder sounds. Depending on the model’s sound intensity, it may feel loud but tolerable while others are too loud and intolerable.


Other than sounds, you need to check the exhaust’s appearance. It will help if you have a muffler that will boost your bike’s looks. The finish used on the exhaust and the shape can influence the overall look of your bike.


You should buy a muffler that sounds good since that’s why you buy the product. But still, you need to consider the model’s efficiency, especially if you are looking for something durable. The unit’s efficiency greatly determines the required maintenance as that influences its overall experience.


You also need to consider the muffler brand you go for. Some promise heaven, while in the real sense, they are failures. With hundreds of brands, choosing the ideal one isn’t easy. With that, always go with the established ones with good reputations.

Heritage Softail vs Heritage Softail Classic

Between the two models, the classic Softail is better than the heritage one. The heritage Softail places you somehow lower when you sit, with the sit being about 24.5 inches. On the other hand, classic Softail is higher.

What is the Most Popular Model in the Harley Softail Series?

The Softail series is the popular one due to the classic style, easy handling, and comfort. Most people love the model due to the superb performance on the road.

Concluding Remarks

Whether you’re searching for a device to boost your Harley’s performance or just a better sound, an exhaust is a solution. With the above information, it’s easier to choose a compatible model for your Harley Davidson bike. Just pick any of the above lists and get a wonderful sound on your bike.

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