Best Trike Motorcycle [Top 8 Picks]

When you picture a motorcycle, you probably picture something with two wheels. However, you may be surprised to find out that this is not the only type of motorcycle that exists and you can, in fact, get a motorcycle with three wheels.

Also known as a “trike motorcycle”, these offer a lot more safety and stability than the traditional two wheeled motorcycles, without sacrificing any of the sleekness and sportiness.

With that being said, there are a lot of three wheel trike motorcycles to choose from on the market. What are the best?

Well, we’ve done the work for you and narrowed the list down! In our helpful guide below, you’ll find a range of the best trike motorcycles that you can buy, with information included about their qualities and features.

You’ll have your new, safer motorcycle in no time.

What Is A Trike Motorcycle?

A trike motorcycle is a motorcycle that has three wheels, rather than the traditional two you might usually expect of a motorcycle.

Despite the difference in number of wheels, they still run on the same type of technology that other motorcycles use. 

These versions of motorcycles began their life as experimental projects, with companies selling kits that allowed bikers to convert their motorcycle into a three wheeler.

However, they became a lot more popular, especially due to the increased safety that came from having three wheels, and soon became a thing of their own. 

Why Should You Get A Trike Motorcycle?

There are plenty of reasons to get a trike motorcycle, or to change to one if you’re already using a traditional two wheel motorcycle. 

For one, trike motorcycles are much safer than their two wheel cousines. With the inclusion of a third wheel, it adds a lot more stability to the motorcycle.

This means that it should stay upright more often. For example, if you do a hard corner on a two wheel motorcycle, then you lose balance and fall off.

However, if you did the same type of corner with a three wheel “trike” motorcycle, then you have a much better chance of staying upright. That way, you don’t fall off and you don’t get injured. 

Secondly, the trike motorcycle has all the benefits of a two wheel motorcycle, just safer. They still have a sporty touch to them, and still retain sleek designs that will allow you to blend in just as always with the other bikers.

On top of that, they’re still comfortable, perhaps even more so given the extra safety and stability. Additionally, they’re relatively easy to store. 

A third benefit that has come from trike motorcycles is that it has turned a lot of non-bikers onto biking. Before, some people may have been put off learning how to bike because of the skill and time it takes to master.

To be able to maintain balance on a bike is one thing, but to keep it when making curves is another.

With the trike motorcycle, the three wheels allow it to be much more stable, and therefore much easier to ride and master. This has attracted a lot of non-bikers into their first bikes, and has enlarged the community. 

The Best Trike Motorcycles

The following list is our guide to the best trike motorcycles available to buy on the market. With each, we have included information on why they’re so great, with words on their features and variations.

Kymco CV3

These trike motorcycles from Kymco have a very sleek design, with all kinds of angles and curves, that look very cool in black.

With two wheels at the front, and one at the back, this three wheel motorcycle is the first of its kind from Kymco, a company who have already made a strong name in the motorcycle market for a while. You can find a dealer here.

The inclusion of three wheels as opposed to two increases the stability, as well as improving the confidence of the biker riding it. The CV3 specially features a Power Transmission Matrix (PTM) that enables the vehicle to have perfect weight balance.

This adds to the stability even further, as well as giving the motorcycle the capacity to have better handling. 

On top of that, it has special tires included that are geared towards adventure, which goes with the spirit of all Kymco motorcycles – to discover and journey.

With these tires, the motorcycle will be able to deal with rougher road surfaces, not just limiting you to smooth roads and terrain. With that being said, always be careful!

Additionally, the motorcycle has front upside down suspension and a rear fork that has been newly designed. 

With a top speed of 169 kilometers per hour (equivalent to 105 miles per hour), it isn’t the fastest three wheel trike motorcycle out there, but it is capable of a speedy journey and by no means slow.

It can hold two people, and includes a low seat height. However, the bike is very heavy, at 617 pounds. 

Can-Am Spyder RT

This modern looking, bulky yet stylish, three wheel trike motorcycle from Can-Am is a good choice and more than respectable – this is the high end of trikes, with an expensive price tag, but one that’s more than worth it. You can buy one here.

The key focus with this motorcycle is luxury, giving you long journeys that will be comfortable and smooth.

The motorcycle is specially designed with the biker in mind, with attention given to providing them with the easiest and more comfortable ride.

The base edition of the Spyder RT comes with extra lumbar support, as well as heated driver grips, while the more expensive “Limited” version has all that but with heated driver and passenger seats thrown in. 

The motorcycle is extra stable, not just down to its extra wheel.

There is a special Vehicle Stability System included, with features traction control and anti-lock brakes, all with a mind to controlling the stability of the vehicle.

On top of that, the high performance brakes offer terrific stopping power

The Spyder RT has a power steering system included, which gives you variable amounts of assistance based on the speed that the vehicle is going, making sure that it is always easy for the driver to steer the motorcycle.

There will be plenty to steer, too, since the engine is powerful and impressive. A triple cylinder engine, it allows the potential for 406 kilometers of travel on a single tank of fuel.

This is an efficient engine that will need little maintenance

Can-Am Ryker

Another three wheel trike motorcycle from Can-Am, this is a more affordable model, but no less great. Accessibility is the name of the game for this motorcycle, with its affordable price and inviting features.

After all, three wheel motorcycles have been proven to draw in non-bikers, since they are safer and easier to ride than the traditional two wheel motorcycles. You can buy one here.

The Ryker has a twist and go automatic transmission to make it even easier to ride, ensuring that your journey will be effortless and smooth.

On top of that, if you’re ever uncomfortable for whatever reason, you can easily adjust the riding position.

Even further to that is the fact that you can swap our panels and parts at home, when you’ve stopped moving, allowing your Ryker to be a constantly evolving representation of you and how you like to ride.

For extra safety, the motorcycle comes with a Vehicle Stability System, which smartly includes the benefits of ABS (anti-lock braking system).

On top of that, it has stability and traction control added into it too, creating a motorcycle ride that is overall more safe. 

With all the advancements in safety, you might worry that the engine won’t be very powerful.

That isn’t so! Depending on the model, you can get either a two cylinder or a three cylinder engine, and all have high performance levels and excellent gas mileage. 

Speaking of models, you can buy the Ryker in a small range of varieties. The Ryker Sport is slightly more expensive than the base model, but adds a whole host of improvements.

One of these is the inclusion of a Sports Mode, which allows greater cruise control, and lets you drift more easily on paved roads. 

The third and most high end of the Ryker models is the Ryker Rally, and you can probably guess what that excels in.

Along with enhanced protection and comfort for the rider, this is prepared for all road conditions with its rally tires and greater rims. 

Qooder QV3

This three wheel trike motorcycle from Qooder is dynamic and safe. You can buy one here.

On top of that, it is reportedly the only three wheel motorcycle that has Hydraulic Tilting System (HTS).

This system is a specially made inclusion that allows for perfect responses from the motorcycle in all riding conditions, meaning that all of the wheels will have the best riding dynamics in all conditions.

It allows all of the wheels to tilt at the same time, while still remaining on the ground, which lowers the center of gravity and helps to keep the motorcycle safe and stable.

This safety is, of course, on top of the safety that is being added by there being three wheels in the first place. There are two front wheels, both measuring 14 inches in diameter, allowing for the motorcycle to be very agile.

At the back, there is a single rear wheel that measures 15 inches in diameter, allowing for extra safety with the rider. On top of that, the motorcycle has a steering angle of 35 degrees, allowing for a good amount of control over the vehicle. 

As for the engine, the QV3 has a single cylinder engine inside, giving it good power. With that being said, the motorcycle will be able to stop abruptly when it needs to, thanks to an all-wheel braking system

Harley-Davidson CVO Tri Glide

Even if you don’t know anything about motorcycles, you will know the name Harley-Davidson.

One of the most famous motorcycle manufacturers in the world have started to make their own three wheel trike motorcycle, which proves even more so that the three wheeler is not just a phase and not a touch on the two wheeler. 

You can buy one here.

This is the perfect blend of power, comfort, and safety. The trike chassis allows for great stability, which is matched by the LED lighting that allows the biker to see the road at all times of day.

On top of that, there are further enhancements to corner safety, allowing you to turn corners even more safely. 

The comfort goes beyond the design and the seat, even when the passenger seat has a backrest.

Further comfort comes in the form of the infotainment set up that the bike has, making your journey as pleasurable and fun as possible.

It has excellent three way speakers, as well as a state of the art touch screen entertainment system that allows you access to GPS as well as all your favorite music.

You can ride in style, especially with the sleek design, premium parts, and Tomahawk wheels.

With that being said, it isn’t just all surface beauty – there’s power inside too.

The CVO Tri Glide from harley-Davidson uses a Milwaukee Eight 117 V Twin engine, which offers you incredible power, as well as performance and efficiency of the highest level.

Piaggio MP3 500 

These safe and stylish trike motorcycles can be bought here

With a three channel anti-locking braking system, these have full control at all times, even when coming to a stop. The bike is elegant too, with smooth curves and LED lights. On top of that, there’s seats for two, giving you a safe shared trip. 

Sport tires help the bike to glide with ease, while a single-cylinder 500 HPE helps to keep the motorcycle performing. Meanwhile, a front articulated quadrilateral system for suspension helps to keep stability. 

Yamaha Tricity

Yamaha is one of the most well known makers of motorcycles, and they have extended their wide variety into including the three wheeler trike.

The presence of three wheels gives you new levels of confidence on the road, as you feel far more stable and safe than usual. On top of that, it’s very lightweight, meaning that it can maneuver easily.

You might think that the inclusion of a third wheel would weigh the motorcycle down, especially when compared to a twop wheel, but that isn’t the case. You can find a distributor here.

For added control, this has a Traction Control System (TCS), which will help you drive even better.

On top of that, there is also a Standing Assist System, which makes stopping and starting the vehicle a lot easier and more seamless.

This can be a big issue for some bikers, since there can be a lot of stopping and starting when riding in the city. This eases that.

Additionally, large diameter disc brakes help to give it good braking power, allowing it to stop abruptly whenever it might need to. 

The engine is powerful and economical, being a single cylinder engine that allows for a top speed of almost 145 kilometers per hour.

There is a 13 liter fuel tank, giving you a good amount that will allow you to journey on for quite a while before you have to stop and refuel.

This is also a very functional vehicle too, with large storage space for helmets and briefcases to be stored.

Yamaha Niken GT

Another three wheel trike motorcycle from Yamaha, this is a more sporty model for those who want to adventure with their bike a bit more.

With three wheels, this has brilliant corner carving, allowing you to seamlessly glide around those turns. It has a lean and deep angle, with a maximum of 45 degrees allowed.

The advanced multi-wheel technology feeds into all this, and the stability is helped with the completely adjustable rear suspension.

Stability is even further improved with the front end grip and quality braking. You can buy one here.

As for the engine, it uses a three cylinder with special settings for fuel injection.

These help to give it great touring performance, as well as accommodating for any twists in your riding, whenever you’re dealing with some challenging and twisty terrain.

On top of that, the engine’s crank design will give you very smooth starts, making it a pleasure to set off every time that you do. 

This trike has an overall futuristic look, with dual tube upside down forks and its broad shoulder stance. On top of that, it has electronic controls. 

Final Thoughts

Three wheel trike motorcycles offer more safety and stability than two wheel motorcycles, and there are plenty to choose from.

Use our guide to find the best trike motorcycle for you!

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