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We are in an era of interconnectivity, and things couldn’t get better than this. It is now easier for different devices to communicate with our convenience and safety.

The main objective of a helmet is your utmost safety, but others such as comfort and wireless connectivity make them more comfortable and convenient. Such connectivity also plays a vital role in contributing to your safety among other things.

The best Bluetooth helmet, therefore, protect you in the event of a crash and makes riding your motorcycle to be a more pleasurable experience. You can listen to music and get directions through the GPS feature. But which is the best among them? Which of the Bluetooth helmets will provide both safety and enhanced interconnectivity than the other devices on the market?

In our in-depth research, we examined a wider variety of motorcycle helmets, and we found FreedConn BM2 Modular Bluetooth Helmet to have several features that most of us love. It is the first Choice Bluetooth helmet. On second place is ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet

Now let us go through the following Bluetooth motorcycle helmet reviews. Enjoy! 

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

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  1. FreedConn BM2 Modular Bluetooth Helmet

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With a range of up to 1640 feet and pairing capability of three riders this may as well be the best modular Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. The field is quite sufficient and useful for those people that usually ride in packs.

It incorporates innovative 3.0 Bluetooth technology for more natural interconnectivity to the intercom, GPS voice prompt, and music. More specifically, the intercom makes communication to the other team members to be smoother and flawless. 

You get a full stereo sound from the two inbuilt premium speakers that the helmet comes with. 

But apart from the exceptional connectivity, the motorcycle helmet is according to the DOT and ECE safety standards. That means the shell of the modular helmet is robust to provide adequate protection from a crash. 

What we like

  • A Bluetooth range of up to 1640 feet
  • Fulfills the DOT and ECE safety standards
  • 3.0 Bluetooth technology to enjoy music and other features

What we don’t like

  • The modular helmet is quite loud
  1. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet

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The DOT approved Bluetooth motorcycle helmet comes with exceptional communication features such as 110 hours of standby and 8 hours of talk time. No worry about getting cut off when communicating with your peers on the road.

Other convenient communication features include the One Touch call answering, rejecting, and calling. Some of the helmets on the market will only have An auto pick feature for all the calls, and which is not always appropriate.

The vents are adjustable according to your preference and the weather conditions. The microfiber liner is fully washable and comfortable to use. 

What we like

  • It is according to the DOT safety standards
  • Up to 110 hours of standby and 8 hours of talk time
  • Adjustable vents
  • A comfortable and fully washable microfiber liner

What we don’t like

  • The battery may enter the deep sleep mode when you need it the most
  1. Bilt Techno 2.0 Evolution Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

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The innovation about this 2.0 Bluetooth technology is that it is compatible with a wide variety of intercom devices. The protocol will work across different models, and that makes it convenient for the motorcycle rider. But what makes this the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth built-in? The interconnectivity across brands may not always be sufficient.

Other great features to highlight in this Bilt helmet review include 7-day standby time and up to eight hours of talk time. Essentially, this is quite sufficient for most riders that go as a pack.

What we like

  • The Bluetooth device is compatible across different intercom models
  • 7 Days standby time and 8 hours of talk time
  • Hands-free mobile phone communication

What we don’t like

  • The helmet may be a little noisy
  1. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Helmet

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The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet comes with various convenient features like the Lock drop-down visor and efficient Bluetooth device. Talking of the Bluetooth device, Its range is quite sufficient, especially for people that love riding motorcycles in groups. 

The dual-density EPS liner is quite convenient to use and comfortable as well. It is washable, as well. Concerning safety, the helmet is DOT, and ECE certified to make it the safest for use in a variety of riding conditions. 

The helmet only weighs 4.5 pounds, and therefore lightweight and easy to use.

What we like

  • An efficient Bluetooth device
  • Lock drop-down visor
  • Fully removable and washable liner
  • The helmet is lightweight and easy to use

What we don’t like

  • May not be quite comfortable in hot weather
  1. Sena Cavalry Bluetooth Half Helmet

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Sena Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is one of the ideals for people that love style and the feel of air when riding their motorcycle. The half helmet is everything that is cool guy or chick from the block will want to own for the occasional out-of-town rides.

The composite fiberglass material is quite robust and lightweight to the gladness of the motorcycle rider. The helmet also comes with a low profile and aerodynamic visor that makes it comfortable to use and reduce the noise.

Incorporation of the hands-free profile and the Bluetooth 4.0 technology makes it one of the most appropriate for group rides. It connects flawlessly to other devices and supports communication with other riders.

What we like

  • Stylish half helmet
  • Composite fiberglass material that is robust and lightweight
  • Low-profile and aerodynamic visor

What we don’t like

  • The half helmet may be a bit more pricey than comparable helmets on the market
  1. HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Helmet

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One of the most important features to highlight in this HJC Bluetooth Helmet review is the helmet’s effective communication connectivity. The polycarbonate shell is both lightweight and robust to provide adequate protection and comfort for the weekend rides.

It employs advanced CAD Technology for the best fit and comfort. The speaker cavities inside the helmet and the integrated recess are among the unique features that make the helmet comfortable to use. 

Away from the interconnectivity, the visor on this motorcycle shell provides up to 95% UV protection and wind-blocking. You can, therefore, have a better view of the road ahead.

What we like

  • Polycarbonate shell that is both lightweight and robust
  • Effective communication connectivity
  • Advanced CAD Technology for a good fit and comfort when riding
  • A functional visor that blocks up to 95% UV

What we don’t like

  • The Bluetooth unit installation may not be easy
  1. Sena Bluetooth Headset Intercom Half Helmet

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One important thing to highlight in this Sena Bluetooth helmet review is its stylish design and communication functionality. The standby time of 6 days and 7 hours talk time is among the features that make the half helmet, appropriate for out-of-town rides. No need to worry about disconnection when you are in the middle of nowhere.

The half helmet only weighs 1.13 pounds, and therefore, one of the lightest and comfortable to use. It is versatile and appropriate for Street races, usual motorcycle rides, and ATV use.

What we like

  • Stylish design and communication functionality
  • Standby time of 6 days and 7 hours talk time
  • Half helmet only weighs 1.13 pounds
  • The helmet is versatile

What we don’t like

  • The audio quality is not the best
  1. TORC T27 Bluetooth Modular Helmet

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The flip-up Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is 20% smaller than the competitor, and therefore lighter and easy to handle. The rear exhaust and the various vents in this helmet provide sufficient airflow to make it comfortable even in hot weather.

The front chin bar and one button release mechanism is among the features that make the helmet convenient to use. On the other hand, Bluetooth 2.0 makes it easy to receive and make calls.

Other unique functionalities include GPS listening, FM radio and listening to music. You can, therefore, finally, enjoy the weekend motorcycle rides.

What we like

  • 20% smaller than the competitor for easy handling
  • Rear exhaust and various vents for a comfortable and easy wear
  • Front chin bar and one button release mechanism
  • Bluetooth 2.0 for easy calling and receiving
  • GPS Direction listening, FM radio and listening to music

What we don’t like

  • The helmet can be quite loud in top speeds
  1. FreedConn BM2-S Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

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The modular motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth has a range of up to 501 meters, which in our opinion, is one of the best. That means you can connect to devices that are a bit at a distance than usual. But most importantly, you can communicate with your fellow rider easily.

The robust Bluetooth intercom makes everything easy for you and the others in the group. You can also enjoy hands-free calls and full-duplex communication with your group mates.

The Bluetooth 3.0 technology connects to your smartphone, GPS, and music system to make the motorcycle riding, a bit more fun. 

What we like

  • The Bluetooth device has a range of 501 meters
  • 3.0 Bluetooth technology that allows you to make hands-free calls and listen to music
  • Full-duplex communication that makes it easy to communicate with others in the riding group 

What we don’t like

  • The sound quality is not very good 
  • The helmet may feel a bit bulky

Choosing a Bluetooth Helmet – Why or Why Not!

Most of the contemporary devices are coming with unique communication technology features to make communication convenient for you. A motorcycle helmet is not any different, and the Bluetooth device makes it easier to communicate with your passenger or the other members in your group. The Bluetooth device also makes it convenient to listen to your favorite music or even radio station.

Some other Bluetooth helmets will also have various features such as GPS to listen to directions as you ride. No need to do anything with your hands, and that makes it safer for you and the passenger. 

But having Bluetooth connectivity incorporated into a motorcycle helmet may not always be flawless. You will need to find the most effective, or it may be a source of various problems that may cost you extra. 

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – Buying Considerations & Tips 

More important than anything, you should make sure the quality of the shell is the best. The most popular materials on motorcycle shells is a polycarbonate shell and fiberglass shell. The benefit of polycarbonate and fiberglass is their toughness and lightweight design. 

A visor that easily fogs up will not be of any help when the weather conditions become a little bit colder than average. You will find a good quality helmet with an anti-fog shield at a comfortable price point — nothing to worry about that. The shield of the helmet should also be anti-scratch to prevent blemishes that can affect a good view of the road.

The wind and road noise can be quite significant at top speeds, and specific ways can prove problematic for your hearing. Also, padded wind collar can prove quite useful and keep the noise at a minimum. The aerodynamics of the helmet can also prove helpful in reducing the noise and making the helmet comfortable. 

And since you are looking for a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, make sure that you get the best quality communication devices. At least 24 hours of talk time, or even more, should be quite sufficient, no matter where you travel. 

The range of the Bluetooth device should also be appropriate. It will not do any good if the device that you have has a shorter span of a few feet. How would you communicate with other pack members, especially when they happen to ride a few meters ahead or run behind? 

More importantly, the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet should fulfill the safety standards to your benefit. At a minimum, the helmet should have a DOT sticker as proof of safety. 

Make sure that the motorcycle helmet is also lightweight to make it more comfortable and easy to use. A heavier helmet can affect your concentration and make riding a motorcycle, one of the most uncomfortable experiences, and that is never the main idea. 

And to be on the safe side, always choose a reliable brand. It may take require a little bit more of your savings, but you can never put a price on your safety. 

Check for the quality of lining material, and make sure that it is absorbable, comfortable on the skin, and easy to clean. It will be in contact with the skin, and it is always good if it contributes to your comfort in every way. 

How Much is a Quality Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

The cheapest Bluetooth motorcycle helmet should take you back a few hundreds of dollars. It mostly depends on the brand, the quality of the Bluetooth device and that of the overall helmet. Don’t focus too much on getting the cheapest helmet, especially with such features as Bluetooth.

Do Bluetooth Helmets Interfere with Other Devices?

One of the main worries is that the Bluetooth device may interfere with other devices, or even get intercepted by others. However, such concern is not necessary as it only covers a short distance. The person that may need to intercept the communication will need to be nearby, and of course, it is not hard to tell when a person wants to intercept. Besides, you are mostly on the move, and it is quite unlikely that someone can take the trouble of following you on your motorcycle only to intercept your Bluetooth device.

The Bluetooth device on your helmet will also not interfere with other communication devices such as your phone. Typically, the communication technology is quite different from that of other devices. In any case, you have the option of switching it off when not in use. 

How Many Devices Can Be Connected to a Helmet Bluetooth at Once?

The number of Bluetooth devices that you can connect to a Bluetooth mostly depends on the quality and the brand of the helmet. But in the majority of the cases, most of the helmets allow you to pair up to 3 intercom devices. That means you can connect with up to three motorcycle riders for more natural communication or accessories such as phone and GPS. 

But the technology associated with helmet Bluetooth is continually changing, and it may not be long before the connection increases to several devices at a go. 

GPS and Bluetooth – In Terms of Motorcycle Helmets

It is possible to get a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth connectivity to the GPS device. You can pair the motorcycle helmet with the GPS and other communication devices that you may have with you. But GPS and Bluetooth are the latest, and the most convenient technologies, designed to make motorcycling, an enjoyable experience. 

That means the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is one of the most convenient and easy to use. 

Is it Tough to use Bluetooth on a Half Helmet?

The quality of the Bluetooth on the half helmet may not be any different from that of full-face helmet. It all depends on the Bluetooth technology incorporated into the helmet, but not the type or design of the helmet. What we are attempting to say is that you can find good quality Bluetooth motorcycle half helmet

How Can You Fix a Broken Bluetooth Again in a Helmet?

Before you can think of fixing a broken Bluetooth device on your helmet, make sure that the device is that you intend to pair are compatible and have an adequate charge. If everything is all good, you will need a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet kit to fix the helmet Bluetooth device.

The easiest way may be to take it to a technician, but some of us may have technical skills. But in the majority of the cases, the problem is usually on the connection, not the software. Updated to the latest software, and switch off and then on. In most cases, that may solve the problem.

Bluetooth Built-in vs. Bluetooth Compatible – Which Helmet is Better?

The custom Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has one advantage over the Bluetooth compatible in that it is convenient. The inbuilt Bluetooth device does not require a lot, and it is easier to use. You don’t have to deal with an external Bluetooth device that can have several technicalities that most of us may not consider user-friendly.

However, the Bluetooth compatible helmet may also be useful in particular cases, such as when you have independent GPS, radio and other devices. But the technology is the same, and the only difference may only be the quality of the overall helmet and the Bluetooth functionality. 

How to Install a Bluetooth in a Compatible Helmet (Not Built-in)?

Before you can install the Bluetooth device, you should carefully inspect the interior of the helmet. Determine where the speakers will go and if there is sufficient space for microphone. Some helmets on the market are so small, and any other additional Bluetooth devices may not be applicable. 

Carefully cut the foam or the lining according to the size of the speakers. The next step is to clean out the area using alcohol to prepare it for installation. Peel back the paper on the microphone and position it together with the amplifier in an appropriate place. Use a pencil to plot the area where the devices will go. 

You will need to drill holes where the retaining screws will hold And then install the amplifier on the side. Apply the nuts and screws, and then tighten. 

Make sure to press the wires into the liner before testing the device. If everything is good, you are all clear to use the tool in your next ride across town.

Concluding Remarks

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is more convenient than the conventional type of helmet, in so many ways. For example, it makes it comfortable and convenient to talk to your pack members and listen to music and other forms of entertainment. If you have a GPS device, the Bluetooth functionality may go further to make it convenient to get the directions.

Be careful when choosing a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet as it is not every device on-the-market that is good quality and a good investment. Any of the above will make it a good choice. Check out the above Bluetooth motorcycle helmet reviews for ideas.

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