Best Harley Boots – All Purpose, including Riding/Cruising

People who ride Harley Davidson motorcycles always look for something to help them stand out and be unique. Harley boots allow riders to show off their individuality and style while also keeping themselves protected appropriately. However, a wide range of boots is available in its lineup, making it difficult for someone to choose the best Harley boots for their needs.

Best for Riding (Men) – Harley Brake Buckle or Badlands or Diversion

Best for Riding (Women) – Harley EDA or Inman Mills or Talley Ridge

Best for Riding (Unisex) – Harley Electron or Chipman

Best Multipurpose (Men) – Harley Men’s Scout or Men’s Shift

Best Multipurpose (Women) – Harley Tegan Ankle or Amherst

Best Casual (Men) – Harley Men’s Beau or Bateman

Best Casual (Women) – Harley Mackey or Tessa or Madera

Best for Riding+Hiking – Men’s Hagerman or Women’s Asher

Best Long Boots (Men) – Harley Hustin or Landon or Altman

Best Long Boots (Women) – Harley Beechwood or Kirtland or Belhaven

Benefits of Harley Boots


Comfort is one of the most important benefits of Harley boots. A pair of Harley boots will give riders the needed support while also being lightweight enough to allow them to feel comfortable.


Harley boots are made with quality, long-lasting materials, and they’re available in a range of styles and colors to suit every individual taste. 

Easy to Clean

They’re easy to clean and take care of, especially when they don’t come into direct contact with any dirt or debris while someone is riding their motorcycle.


Harley boots are designed to protect feet, ankles, and legs in the event of an accident.

Types of Harley Davidson Boots

Harley-Davidson Scout Boots

The Harley-Davidson Scout boots are knee-high motorcycle boots with round toes, heels, and sturdy zippers.

Harley-Davidson Ranger Boot

Harley Rangers come in full-grain leather and have a stainless-steel shank to stabilize the foot and ankle.

Harley-Davidson Beau Boot

The high-quality leather made boots feature round toes and heels. They also have a non-marking rubber outsole with Harley-Davidson Flex Control to give comfort and support for riders.

Harley-Davidson Darren Harness Boots

They have a non-slip, full-length EVA footbed to provide comfort for those who wear them and safety from accidents that can happen while riding their Harley motorcycle.

Best Harley Boots – Cruising, Working, Hiking, Casual Choices

Harley Davidson Boots – Level of Protection

The protection level offered by different H-D boots varies depending on how they’re made, what materials are used to create them, and the types of features they contain. Some of them come with steel or composite toes for additional safety while riding or cruising. Some include rubber outsoles instead of leather, which give riders the traction they need while riding.

Harley Riders – What Kind of Boots Do They Wear?

Harley riders tend to wear boots that are simple yet stylish. Since Harley motorcycles tend to be loud and flashy, Harley riders like wearing clothing that is more understated to complement their bike rather than compete with it.

I will name the Harley-Davidson Men’s Brake Buckle Boots if you want an example of what H-D riders really like. The pair are stylish and feature the Harley Davidson logo on the sides. They come in black with cowboy cut uppers, heel counters, pull-on vamps, square toes, oil-resistant outsoles, and steel shanks. You’ll find the pair appropriate to wear when riding or cruising because the build materials provide safety without detracting from style or comfort.

Best Harley Davidson Riding Boots – Top Considerations


Harley boots are created with a wide range of materials, including leather, leather substitutes, artificial materials, and more. Leather Harley boots tend to be the most expensive of all Harley boot options because they’re of the highest quality.


Harley boots come with different structures. Some Harley boots have a steel toe, which can provide additional safety during an accident; others do not contain a steel toe and should only be worn for riding or cruising purposes.

Safety Feature

As previously mentioned, some Harley boots come with steel or composite toes that provide riders with extra protection from accidents that could happen while they’re riding their motorcycle.


Harley boots come in a range of sizes depending on the type of boot that’s being purchased.


The height of these types of footwear is variable depending on which style one is considering purchasing. Some styles feature shorter heels and soles, while others have higher heels.


Some Harley boots have laces, while others feature zippers or even slip-on construction to stay in place and provide safety when riding.


Other H-D boot styles may look good during cruises but are also safe enough for use while riding motorcycles.

Harley Boots – Price Range

Harley boots can vary in price depending on their size, the type of leather or non-leather build material, and the features they contain. You can buy some at as little as $45; others come with a price tag exceeding $300.

Harley Davidson Boots – Men’s vs. Women’s

Harley Davidson boots for men and women come with various features, depending on how they’re made. Some Harley boots are slip-on, while others have zippers. Some Harley boots have extra safety features to protect riders from accidents when driving their motorcycles; other types do not.

Women’s motorcycle boots tend to be lower in height than men’s motorcycle boots, which creates a distinct difference between the look of both styles. Women’s Harley boots tend to have a much higher heel and a smaller cut at the ankle than men’s Harley boot options.

What Should Motorcycle Riding Boots Have?

A motorcycle boot should have a steel toe and a reinforced heel for extra safety.

It should be sturdily constructed to provide stability while riding a Harley or another type of motorcycle, especially if it’s going over uneven surfaces.

The leather that the boots are made out of needs to be thick so they last longer, and the sole needs to be sewn in rather than glued on for them to hold up well during rides.

A moulded ankle protection plate is beneficial because it provides an added layer of safety from accidents happening when riders aren’t expecting them.

Additionally, torsional stiffness can prevent these boots from flexing and protect riders’ feet and ankles even more by preventing twisting forces from moving up into their shins and knees.

Built-in shifter pads are another feature that many Harley riders require in their footwear because they can prevent an accident from happening.

Steel Toe Harley vs Composite Toe Harley

One of the biggest differences between these two Harley boots is that steel toes contain a thick piece or multiple pieces of metal, while composite toes do not.

This means they provide the same amount of safety but with different features; both can be worn for riding and cruising purposes. Steel toe Harley boots also tend to be more expensive than their composite counterparts.


Harley-Davidson makes some great riding and cruising boots that look stylish and provide safety at the same time. It’s important to consider all of the characteristics and qualities of these particular types of footwear before deciding which ones to purchase.

All of these Harley boots are great options for riding a motorcycle or cruising with a friend. The steel toe vs composite toe is a matter of personal preference and choice. Overall, Harley riders can’t go wrong with any option from this list because each boot contains the safety features required to be worn during rides.

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