How Much Does a Harley Davidson Cost?

Harley-Davidson has started its journey in 1903, founded by two friends from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They built their first production model ten feet by fifteen feet shed. 

It was not until the 1920s that Harley-Davidson was the largest motorcycle producer, with over two thousand dealers operating in over sixty countries. It soon became the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer.

When Harley’s “Wrecking Crew” racing team started in the 1910s, it received its sports domination. It was Indian’s top race team that would soon help to drive Harley to the very top.

Harley-Davidson is the longest-running motorcycle nameplate in the United States. But, how much does a Harley Davidson cost? Usually, they can cost customers anywhere between just under $7,000 (for 500cc Street 500) to $44,000 (fully loaded CVO Touring). In 2020, the average price went up to an amount close to twenty thousand USD.

As indicated in the previous paragraph, the cheapest Harley Davidson motorcycle is priced close to six thousand dollars. However, a few affordable models are available below ten thousand dollars. They have six categories – Street, Softail, Sportster, Trike, Touring, and CVO. Among those, Sportster and Street categories have more number of affordable models.

For fast and robust handling, Harley-Davidson bikes can go up to 25,000 miles, ideal for lasting a long time. But how much does a Harley Davidson cost based on milage and riding for fun? They can start between nineteen thousand to twenty-eight thousand dollars when choosing either a 2019 Harley-Davidson Road Glide, Custom Vehicle Operations models, CVO Street Glide, CVO Road Glide, while the CVO Limited is a lot more pricey. Harley riders are different because there is a bike made for everyone, depending on your needs.  

What Is the best motorcycle for your money?

 It depends on who will be riding it. But, generally, the Harley-Davidson Street 500 is said to grab that certification of being the most inexpensive one in the H-D lineup. This bike features a narrow frame, blacked-out styling for a destructive appearance, and has a low 25.7-inch seat height for good seating for anyone. A 2-cylinder liquid-cool 494cc engine powers the fun two-wheeler. In its front, it contains double-piston brakes.

Harleys are called Hogs because they believe it equal to its bikes and the imposing sound. Ray Weishaar, one of Harley’s racing team members, had a piglet, the reason for adopting the nickname, which became their (team’s) mascot later. 

An extra for you at the end – although Harley-Davidson sells many motorcycles, they make around six billion dollars in annual revenue by people buying their clothing merchandise.

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