How Much Does A Motorcycle Weigh? [2022 Explained]

Motorcycles are one of the most used vehicles on the planet, this is partly due to the fact that the amount of freedom a person feels whilst riding one.

This gives motorcycles such a big following from people who are immensely passionate about motorcycles, not many average road cars can reach the speeds some motorcycles can, so it’s clear to see why they’re such a loved vehicle. 

The passion people have for motorcycles has often made it so the ins and outs of motorcycles are overlooked.

The weight of motorcycles should be considered when buying one, as if a rash decision is made without knowing the actual weight of a motorcycle and how much loads it can carry, it could potentially lead to injuries and even death.

On average a motorcycle weighs around 300-500 pounds, obviously weight will vary from motorcycle to motorcycle, but you should definitely do some research to find out the weight of the motorcycle you want.

This is what this article aims to do, to teach you how much does a motorcycle weigh and covers some of the basic questions surrounding this topic. 

How Does Weight Vary?

With each different type of motorcycle, you’ll find different weights.

A motorcycle will usually be designed as a more environmentally friendly alternative to road cars, as they generally have lower emissions compared to cars and motorcycles will typically last longer as they don’t have rust-prone bodywork.

So with this in mind, the weight of motorcycles will be dependent upon what environment they’ll be used in, for example, if you look at a 1000cc Liter Bike, it’ll be much heavier than your usual road motorcycles.

This is due to weight having to stabilize the motorcycle to maintain functionality. 

How Much Certain Motorcycles Weigh?

So now you’ve got a good idea about how weight varies in motorcycles, it’s handy to know what different types of motorcycles will weigh, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. 

How Much Do Harley Cruisers Weigh?

Harley cruisers are pretty popular in America, you most likely know what one looks like off the top of your head, cruisers are supposed to be quite lightweight as they’re designed to travel long distances, but power cruisers are an entirely different story and they weigh much more than the regular cruisers that you’re used to.

This is why Harley-Davidson cruisers are the heaviest cruisers around, they can weigh over 500 pounds compared to regular cruisers that tend to be under 300 pounds. 

How Much Do Mopeds Weigh?

You can probably already guess that mopeds are the lightest type of motorcycle available out there, they’re typically quite cheap and very easy to handle which makes them very popular in cities and amongst young people starting out with motorcycles.

They weigh somewhere between 150 pounds and 200 pounds, making them much lighter than most motorcycles out there. 

How Much Does A Dirt Bike Weigh?

Unless you’re an off-road motorcycle enthusiast, you may never consider buying one of these, but regardless they’re another of the lightest motorcycles around.

They need to be light to perform well in their respective competitions and in the muddy terrains they’ll be driven in.

The smaller 50-125cc dirt bikes will weigh around 100-200 pounds, whereas the bigger 250-450cc dirt bikes will weigh up to 300 pounds.

You may have heard of bikes called adventure bikes, which are a category of dirt bikes.

The size of their engine is 750-1200cc, so they tend to be quite heavier, around 500 pounds heavier in fact. 

How Much Does A Scooter Weigh?

Scooters look a bit similar to mopeds, but are slightly bigger than them.

Their weight is dependent upon the engine size, but their weight varies from around 150 pounds to 300 pounds.

How Much Does A Motorcycle Weigh?

The heaviest scooters can weigh over 300 pounds, but they’re typically easy to handle and can be used for either short commutes or long commutes, which makes them a pretty decent motorcycle overall. 

How Much Does A Sports Bike Weigh?

Sports bikes are typically heavier than most motorcycles, this is due to their aerodynamics and better performance.

These bikes are considered better for short distance commutes and weigh in the region of 300-500 pounds. 

After considering all the weights of different types of motorcycles, you may be noticing a pattern.

Motorcycles that are designed for long distance are often much lighter than those that are used for short distance, weight will drastically improve or impair the speed and functionality of a motorcycle, so motorcycles will be designed with that in mind and also what they will be used for. 

What Is The Best Motorcycle For Me?

You can probably guess that the components within a motorcycle will determine the weight of it, such as, the engine, fastener, braking system, wheels, engine system and much more.

Of course this will depend on the type of motorcycle you have, some types won’t contain some of these components and may use different ones. 

So with this in mind, how do you determine what the best motorcycle is for you?

Well, if you’re wanting a motorcycle that can get you from a to b, and you’re not bothered about speed or power, then a smaller engine motorcycle will be great for you.

They’re also easy to handle, making them the best motorcycle for beginners if you’re new to the motorcycle world. 

However, if you want speed and power over anything, you’ll need a bigger engine which will result in a heavier motorcycle.

Whilst it’s true that these can be difficult to handle, you should have no problem if you’re quite experienced with motorcycles, if you’re not you should consider a smaller engine before you make your way to the heavier motorcycles. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn more about how much a motorcycle weighs. The heavier a motorcycle is, the bigger its engine is, and vice versa.

Typically they’ll weigh from 300 pounds to 500 pounds, but it’s totally dependent on the type of motorcycle. 

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