How to Clean Motorcycle Rims?

A car or a motorbike is not clean if the rims look dull and dirty. One of the risks that clean rims evade is the damage to wheels’ brake due to the brake pads’ dust that accumulate on the coating and metal over time. Many people drive almost every day, and there is a probability that dust gathers daily. So, frequent cleaning is the only way to keep your rims and wheels safe, and it is one of the things that anyone owning a car should always consider. 

 Following are the steps on how to clean motorcycle rims:

1. Spray Wheels with Water

On many occasions, a high-pressure pipe is the most common method used to clean rims. Pre presence of pressure water can loosen baked-on contaminants. In case you do not have pressure water, a spray nozzle attached to your hose can also put a considerable amount of water on your rims can leave them clean.

2. Spray Wheel Cleaner

Using a spray wheel cleaner is also an effective way of cleaning your wheels and the rims. Every spray cleaner has associated instructions, which, if appropriately followed, your rims will be able to serve you for a more extended period. If the guidelines require a brush for more agitations, follow the instructions for better results at the end of the exercise.

3. Automotive Soap or Shampoo

Many chemicals might be safe for cleaning rims, but they might have an adverse effect, especially on chrome or alloy rims. The use of specific washing soap or shampoo is highly recommended as a safer method of protecting your car wheels. A PH neutral is considered the best for those with ceramic coated wheels. For those without ceramic wheels, wax-stripping car wash shampoo will help remove the chemicals left on the wheel even after a normal cleaning with water, leaving the rims sparkling clean.

4. Rinse Completely

After completing the above steps, ensure that you thoroughly rinse the rims on the wheel’s inner and outer sides. During this process, you may encounter suspended debris or soap that is left when cleaning. After you are comfortable with your wheel, ensure that your whole car is as well clean for uniformity.

The best answer to clean motorcycle rims and maintain them is to clean them whenever you are cleaning the car. It reduces the accumulations of dust and the chemical damage in the long run. It is also imperative to know your rims so that you choose the best method for cleaning them.

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