Is Riding A Motorcycle Hard? Everything You Need To Know

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable, fascinating, and freeing experiences anyone can have.

Just think of you, your motorcycle, and an open road, pure bliss. However, just because it is fun, doesn’t mean it is easy.

Once you master how to ride a motorcycle you’ll be cruising the highways in no time. However, people often question just how easy it is to learn in the first place. 

In this article, we will tell you whether or not riding a motorcycle is hard, plus more!

So, if this is of interest to you, then read on! 

Is Riding A Motorcycle Hard?

Learning how to ride a motorcycle is not an easy task. However, it is no more difficult than learning how to drive a car.

Learning how to ride a motorcycle is difficult because you need to learn an array of different things, such as gear changes, quick acceleration, balancing yourself, and sharp turns. 

So, you will need to be prepared to put in a lot of time, effort, and practice, if you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle. 

One of the main reasons riding a motorcycle is hard is because it requires a lot of multi-tasking. The following things are what you need to do when riding a motorcycle:

Providing Gas, Releasing The Clutch, Changing Gear

So many motorcycles feature manual transmission. So, this means you will need to learn how to provide gas, release the clutch, and change the gear in mere seconds to stop your motorcycle from stalling. 

This task can take a while to master, and is best learned in an empty space with nobody else around. 

Motorcyclists will claim that this is one of the most challenging steps when it comes to learning how to ride a motorcycle. 

Sharp Turns

Learning how to maneuver sharp turns is another part of learning to ride a motorcycle that may be a struggle. 

It is not enough to push the handlebars, you need to adjust your body weight to complete the turn successfully. 

It is natural for you to want to stay upright on the motorcycle. However, you must unsettle it to be able to turn.

Wherever you turn the handlebars is where the motorcycle’s weight will be shifted. 

So, you will need an equal force to counteract this weight and not fall off, and this force needs to be in the opposite direction to the direction of the handlebars. 

It may be difficult to master this, so you should practice it in an empty space, making sure you are wearing the correct gear to keep yourself safe. 

Throttle And Brake Control 

You will need to master the brake and the throttle if you want to master riding the motorcycle.

This is because many motorcycles do not have an ABS, also known as an anti-lock braking system, which makes it far more challenging to learn to ride.

So, when riding a motorcycle on the road, you need to be extra vigilant. You cannot get away with accelerating too quickly or braking too hard on a motorcycle like you can with a car.

Your control over your throttle and brake will need to be perfect. This is because you will skid if you brake too hard, and you may lose control of your motorcycle if you throttle too quickly. 

Battling Terrain And Weather

When it comes to the elements, motorcyclists are among those that are the most affected.

Your chances of losing control of the motorcycle, skidding, or crashing, are increased during bad weather, like rain or heavy snowfall.

Having low visibility will make learning how to ride a motorcycle all the more difficult. 

Now, while most vehicles can deal with slightly uneven or bumpy terrain, motorcycles have a much more difficult time with this task, even though it may feel fun, it is rather unsafe and can result in injury. 

Is Riding A Motorcycle Hard?

Additionally, strong winds can be difficult to navigate when riding a motorcycle, because they can be distracting. 

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Ride A Motorcycle?

It can take a lifetime to learn to ride a motorcycle. In fact, most motorcyclists will say they learn something new every time they get on their motorcycle. 

However, learning the essential skills necessary to ride a motorcycle will take around a month, with persistent practice, motivation, and focus. 

It is best to take lessons when it comes to learning the basics of riding a motorcycle.

This is because when a motorcyclist tries to teach themselves the basics, they can end up learning bad techniques that they then have to unlearn, or else it will have repercussions for the future. 

Your motorcycle safety and basics course instructors should be proficient in riding a motorcycle with the correct technique.

During the course, you will be provided with a low Cubic Capacity motorcycle which will be a lot easier to master. 

It is helpful to take these courses not only to master the correct techniques for riding a motorcycle but also so your instructor can point out any mistakes you may make so you can perfect your riding. 

Additionally, it is helpful to know how to ride a basic bicycle when learning how to ride a motorcycle.

Learning how to ride a bicycle will help you master balance. It is also helpful to know how to drive a manual transmission car, although it is okay if you do not.

This is helpful because you will have a better understanding of how to use the gears, clutch, and throttle. 

Once you have mastered the basics, you will need to improve your skills every time you ride your motorcycle. Get a nice motorcycle for beginners and start practicing!

Eventually, you will master them. 

Final Thoughts 

Learning how to ride a motorcycle is definitely not an easy task.

You need to be proficient in multitasking to be able to balance, change gear, use the throttle, clutch, brake, and more, in quick succession or at the same time. 

However, with practice and by taking the right lessons, you will quickly master riding a motorcycle in no time at all! 

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