Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers – Pet Safety on Motorcycle

Just like humans, dogs, too, deserve to move around. With a motorcycle, you can take them on a road trip, a vacation, a veterinary, or any other adventure. How then can you carry your dog around without compromising its safety? The safest and most convenient means of transporting your pet is by a motorcycle dog carrier

But of course, that should be the best one, well-equipped with comfort and safety measures, like we selected Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace or  Saddlemen Pet Voyager. Both have the quality to serve for a long time and make the outdoors with your favorite pet fun.

Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers

Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace Motorcycle Dog Carrier – Best Overall

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This motorcycle dog carrier pack ranks as the best overall in this review, not just as marketing hype, but because of the exquisite features it possesses. Where else would you find a UV-regulated carrier that is rain resistant?

Besides its adaptability to different weather conditions, Grand Pet Palace also features a rigid internal wall. You don’t have to worry about squeezing your furry friend up in the carrier. The portability and mounting of the carrier on the motorcycle have also been made easier. The carrier comes with flexible straps, D-rings, and a shoulder strap to aid in mounting and movability off the motorbike.

What we like

  • Top window opening allows proper ventilation
  • Installed cushion enhances comfort for the pet
  • Removable shoulder straps enable effortless portability
  • Flexible for any weather condition

What we don’t like

  • Can only carry pets with a capacity of up to 20 pounds

Outward Hound PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier – Best Budget

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If you’re looking for a small & medium motorcycle dog carrier that is budget-friendly, then you landed the best device. Remember, this carrier is for small and medium-sized dogs, so make sure you have your pet’s measurements (height, length, and width) before you go shopping.

Made of water-resistant nylon fabric, PoochPouch is arguably the best pet carrier for motorcycles. The interior of the pack has a unique design to enhance your pet’s safety and comfort, even when they’re seated.

The unique dog front carrier also features an additional pocket. The feature enables you to carry other necessities like edibles, water bottles, etc.

What we like

  • Easily portable due to its lightweight
  • Extremely affordable
  • Multiple sizes allow you to pick the best carrier that fits your dog
  • Made of sturdy nylon fabrics thus extremely long-lasting

What we don’t like

  • The dog can only sit while inside
  • Not suitable for bigger dogs

Saddlemen Pet Voyager Motorcycle Dog Carrier – Heavy Duty

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You will agree with me that the best products worth spending money on are those that perform more than one task – precisely what Saddlemen Pet Voyager offers – it can also double up as a cargo carrier.

The small motorcycle dog carrier is made of heavy-duty nylon, meaning that it’s exceptionally durable. Did I also mention that it has an upper opening that allows adequate air circulation? The removable covers give you effortless access to your pet as well.

Your dog’s comfort is a guarantee, thanks to the carrier’s expansive compartment. The ample space features a removable tray and a sleeping pad that can clean and maintain easily. Proper mounting and removal of the carrier from your motorcycle is no longer an issue. That is attributable to the flexible mounting straps and bar sleeves featured in the carrier.

What we like

  • Lightweight and flexible straps enhance effortless mounting and off-loading
  • Reduced chances of fatigue for your dog due to spacious compartment
  • Multipurpose carrier
  • Easily fits in the bike’s luggage holder
  • Robust grasp holder for convenient carrying

What we don’t like

  • Food and water in the trays can dirty the carrier especially in bumpy roads

K9 Sport Sack Motorcycle Dog Carrier – Best Backpack

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You must have probably been concerned with the big dogs because most of the carriers only fit the small and medium-sized ones. But you’ll no longer have to leave your big pups behind, thanks to the K9 Pet Sport Sack.

What makes it the best backpack per se? Well, apart from the fact that its veterinarian approved, the carrier is well rounded and long enough to accommodate the larger-sized dogs. This pack is the perfect carrier for connecting with your puppy while strolling through the park or just across the streets.

You’ll love how your dog feels comfortable in this pack as you enjoy the ride on your motorcycle. The ventilation is unquestionable, giving no room for suffocation.

What we like

  • The best option for bigger dogs
  • Your dog will always be with you as you explore new adventures
  • Convenient for travel as it doubles up as a cargo carrier
  • You can take your dog anywhere, even if you’re not riding a bike
  • Perfect for bonding, especially with dogs having a physical disability

What we don’t like

  • Can get tiresome for the owner since you carry on your back
  • Not convenient for people that hate unnecessary attention

Nicrew Legs Out Motorcycle Dog Carrier – Best Front pack

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This legs out front dog carrier resembles a baby’s diapers in terms of shape and even its features. It is manufactured from cotton and polyester fiber to enhance much-needed comfort and durability.

The side zips allow you to adjust the carrier according to the size of the dog. They are also strategically located to allow easy access, so you don’t have to put down the pack for zipping.

The front pack dog carrier has elastic straps that are wide and adjustable- a prerequisite for flexibility and comfort. The packs also come in 4 different sizes allowing you to pick the one that best fits your pet.

What we like

  • Suitable for hiking, traveling, camping, etc., due to its lightweight
  • Adjustable straps allow control and comfort
  • Made of polyester fibre hence extremely long-lasting
  • Diversity in sizes will enable you to choose the most suitable package for your pet
  • Flexible – you can carry either at the front or back

What we don’t like

  • Foldable this can quickly wear out if not well maintained

Milwaukee Sissy Bar Bag Motorcycle Pet Carrier

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This high on-demand motorcycle dog carrier offers everything you’d admire for your pet. Milwaukee leather bag is extraordinarily strong PVC materials that enhance the carrier’s durability. It also comes with three spare exterior pockets so you can carry any other load to your adventure.

The manufacturer thoughtfully made adjustable straps and bottom clips to facilitate effortless mounting. If you doubted the ventilation of the carrier, then you got it wrong because it has breathable mesh panels for smooth air circulation. The top opening that is closable also facilitates efficient ventilation.

What we like

  • Extra storage pockets
  • Large size to accommodate bigger dogs
  • Made of durable PVC materials
  • Adjustable straps and clips enable easy mounting and fastening

What we don’t like

  • A bit expensive compared to other brands
  • It allegedly violates the State of California laws

Do Dogs Like Motorbike Rides?

There is this infamous perspective that all the fancy things that this world can provide only belong to humans. Well, that’s wrong! Animals, too, deserve a fair share of memorable vacations, travel, road trips, camping, etc.

It is, however, safe to say that not all the four-legged babies enjoy the rides. Some aren’t comfortable with the sound of engines and a feeling of just having to sit as they move at high speed. Just like kids, when they grow up, bigger dogs are usually upset when carried, unlike their smaller counterparts who enjoy the feeling.

Dog Motorcycle Carriers – Are They Safe?

Are you worried about your dog falling off the carrier and injuring itself while you’re riding the bike? The truth is, you don’t have to. The best motorcycle dog carriers have sturdy materials that don’t gamble with the safety of your fur-kid while on board.

The carriers also have durable fabric nylons and PVC materials; they are strong enough to support the average dog’s weight capacity. Besides, the adjustable straps and bottom clips enable safe mounting and fastening of the carrier onto the frame of the motorbike. We can, therefore, confidently state that the dog carrier on a motorcycle is 100% safe and poses no risk hazards.

Dog On Motorcycle Law – Is It Legal to Carry a Dog on a Motorcycle?

Legislations regarding dogs on motorcycles vary from state to state. Notably, no particular state has wholly outlawed the carrying of dogs on a bike. The variations here mean that different states have conditions that motorcycle dog carriers have to comply with to stay on the safer side of the law.

Some of the standard rules that motorcycle riders have to comply with include:

  • The dog has to be safely restrained
  • A rider must not carry a pet on his/her lap
  • The motorcycle rider must not carry a dog in a manner that jeopardizes its safety
  • Carry the dog in a way that prevents it from falling or jumping off the bike
  • The carrier must provide sufficient floor space and height for the dog

Buying Guide – How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Dog Carrier

When buying a carrier, look for the one that meets your budget provisions, yet has admirable qualities. A carrier like Outward Hound PoochPouch not only has the best prices but is also made of robust materials that make it extremely durable.

Another feature to look for in a dog carrier is its durability. Would you buy a product that wears out within a short period? I guess not. Lucky for you, all the products featured in this review are incredibly durable.

The quality of the product is also vital – go for a dog carrier that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The big question is, how do you determine if a device is of high quality? You can establish this by visiting the manufacturer’s website or reputable stores like Amazon. On the website, check out what previous customers are saying about the product in the reviews section.

What is the Best Large Motorcycle Dog Carrier?

For relatively large-size dogs, we recommend Milwaukee Heavy Duty Motorcycle Pet Carrier. It’s exclusively extra-large and made of durable PVC materials. It is the best motorcycle dog carrier for you if perfection is what you like.

Uses & Safety Tips: Ride Carefully While Taking a Pet inside the Carrier!

How do you uphold the safety and comfort of your buddy while inside the carrier? Take a look at some of the tips.

As for non-wearable carriers, ensure that the straps and clips are incredibly adjustable and sturdy. You don’t want the pet to fall off the bike while you’re riding because of crooked fastening devices. Wearable carriers also pose risk hazards if not carefully handled. Ensure that you buy the right sized carriers that fit your dog comfortably. Oversized carriers can cause harm to your dog should they slip through and hurt themselves. Likewise, undersized carriers create a feeling of discomfort and fatigue to the pet.

Extra tip:

  • Supplement the dog’s comfort by getting it a pair of sunglasses and a helmet

Can You Put a Dog in a Sidecar?

If you’re more skeptical about your dog’s safety, given that it will be behind you all the time, then you should probably get a sidecar. The best motorcycle dog carrier Harley is the one that fits well on the bike’s frame. Also, note that a good sidecar should never cost more than half the price of the motorcycle. However, you can directly contact the manufacturer if you need a sidecar made according to your specifications.

Concluding Remarks

Most people prefer riding with friends. But for some, the greatest riding buddy is a dog. You want to make it feel as comfortable as possible to enjoy the ride, and that is where motorcycle dog carriers come in.

With this piece, we hope that you’ll be able to make an informed decision regarding the best motorcycle dog carrier to purchase. All matters pricing, durability, safety, satisfaction, etc., have been factored in in this review. So, lucky shopping, and we hope you and your dog have fun riding!

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