There are many good reasons to ride a motorcycle, including the fact that they are cheaper than cars and get fantastic mileage. But the number one reason why people love them is the tremendous sense of freedom and fun a motorcycle provides. 

 Being in the open air, the wind blowing, the notice of the sense of smell that is missing from the car experience, and a general sense that you are one with nature, as opposed to trapped in a metal coffin are all experiences that only motorcyclists and perhaps ultralight pilots can experience. 

 And don’t forget speed. While nobody outside of track racers indeed needs to, nor should travel at 180 plus miles per hour on the street, the plain fact is that even the mildest of crotch rockets can travel in zero to 60 miles per hour at a mere flick of the wrist, and this amazing sense of power is felt in nearly every muscle in your body.

 You may not feel like Superman or Spiderman at your humdrum accountancy job, but you can feel alive, awake, and invigorated during the 30-minute commute to work. 

So again: Why Ride A Motorcycle? 

 Riders report: 

  • A Sense of Passion 
  • A feeling of being In the Moment 
  • A communal sense of Friendship 
  • A sense of Brotherhood 
  • Riding releases Stress 
  • Improved Mental Health
  •  Riding requires intense concentration. There are dangers everywhere, but conquering those dangers improves people’s sense of self-esteem. 
  • Fun to Ride
  •  It’s not just the burst of speed that makes motorcycles fun. When you discover you can pop a wheelie, fly through the air on speed bumps, or give you the sensation of nearly kissing the road on wicked turns. 
  • Improved Physical Health
  •  Not only do people forget about their aches and pains while riding, but the sheer act of balancing the bike at stops, shifting, and turning burns calories. And since riders feel the greatest sense of freedom riding in the countryside, they often go to national parks, beaches, and other locales where they get genuine physical exercise.
  • A Sense of Adventure 
  •  Most people work all week and then take a vacation once per year. Many motorcycle riders not only plan remote riding adventures cross-country or even internationally, but they will often take 25 to 30 mini, weekend riding vacations throughout the year. 
  • Environmentally Friendly
  •  Short of walking or taking a bicycle, riding a bike is one of the most conscious things you can do for the environment.

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