The BEST Carburetor Cleaner [Top 5 Picks]

A lot of motorbikes these days are built with fuel injectors but for certain models or retro motorbikes, there will still be a carburetor equipped.

This means that you will need to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance on your bike’s carburetor to keep it in great condition. 

Best Overall
WD-40 Specialist Carb/Throttle Body & Parts Cleaner, 13.5 OZ
Premium Choice
Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner, 16 oz.
Best Budget
Berryman 0996-ARM B-9 Chem Dip Parts Cleaner with Basket and Armlock, 3/4-Gallon Pail
WD-40 Specialist Carb/Throttle Body & Parts Cleaner, 13.5 OZ
Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner, 16 oz.
Berryman 0996-ARM B-9 Chem Dip Parts Cleaner with Basket and Armlock, 3/4-Gallon Pail
Best Overall
WD-40 Specialist Carb/Throttle Body & Parts Cleaner, 13.5 OZ
WD-40 Specialist Carb/Throttle Body & Parts Cleaner, 13.5 OZ
Premium Choice
Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner, 16 oz.
Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner, 16 oz.
Best Budget
Berryman 0996-ARM B-9 Chem Dip Parts Cleaner with Basket and Armlock, 3/4-Gallon Pail
Berryman 0996-ARM B-9 Chem Dip Parts Cleaner with Basket and Armlock, 3/4-Gallon Pail

It’s often said that the key to a happy carburetor is by using a great carburetor cleaner but finding the best one for you can be a tricky task. 

Here, we are going to be taking a look at the best carburetor cleaners out there so you can keep your carburetor in its best possible condition.

Check out our choices below and find the best carburetor cleaner for you! 

WD-40 Specialist Fast Acting Carb/Throttle Body And Parts Cleaner 

WD-40 Specialist Carb/Throttle Body & Parts Cleaner, 13.5 OZ

WD-40 is one of the go to brands for carb cleaners, as they are well known for their high quality products which are sold at very reasonable prices.

Their products are the perfect balance between affordability and quality, and as a result, it’s no surprise that their specialist carb cleaner has made our list. 

This spray carb cleaner is super effective with a specialist formula that is great for breaking up dirt, waste, and carbon deposits.

Just a quick blast (with no scrubbing or dipping needed) from thai spray and you will soon have a nice clean carburetor in no time. 

Many choose WD-40’s specialist carb cleaner due to its great results in just a few minutes. This means you can quickly clean out your carburetor and then just replace the cap so you can store this spray for long time use.

This can save you a ton of money as you can keep coming back to the same spray every time your carburetor needs a clean. As a result, this is one of the best carb cleaners for bikers who frequently need to clean out their carburetor. 

A common complaint, however, is that there is no straw attached to this spray carb cleaner. That means that when it comes to using it, you won’t be able to apply it to certain areas – you will have to spray it in large quantities even if you just want to cover a certain point.

Despite this, the WD-40 carb cleaner is still very easy to use and with such great results and great recommendations from other customers, this is definitely one of the best carburetor cleaners you will want to check out! 


  • The WD-40 specialist carb cleaner is manufactured by a reputable company known for their great quality products and affordable prices. 
  • The specialist formula is great for easily cleaning out your carburetor by breaking down all kinds of tough dirt and carbon deposits. 
  • Super fast and only takes a few minutes to use! 


  • The lack of a straw nozzle means that you cannot precisely pinpoint the spray into certain areas. However, it’s still very easy to use. 

Gumout Jet Spray Carb Cleaner

Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner, 16 oz.

Another great brand for carb spray is Gumount and their jet spray carb cleaner is one of the best for getting rid of dirt, gum and varnish that can clog and block your carburetor.

This means that if you are looking for a super fast and effective carb cleaner, then Gumout’s jet spray carb cleaner could be the one for you. 

It works immediately and helps dissolve tough carbon deposits before drying completely. This means that you don’t have to scrub any residue like with other carb cleaners – Gumout’s jet spray carb cleaner does all the hard work for you. 

However, a drawback for these highly effective results is that Gumout may not be an ideal choice for all types of materials.

Due to its strong composition, it is capable of erroduing and rusting certain materials – you had better read the warning labels on the spray can first and test it out first before you use it on your motorbike. 

If Gumout is suitable for your motorbike’s carburetor, then you can expect to see a definite improvement in your bike’s performance thanks to its effective results! 


  • Gumout is a popular brand for carb cleaners due to their great reputation and results. 
  • Their jet spray carb cleaner is beloved for its quick results and ease of use, allowing you to quickly clean out your carburetor and get back on your bike in no time. 
  • It’s super effective and easily dissolves tough components and deposits, resulting in a noticeable improvement in your bike’s performance. 


  • Its highly effective formula means that it’s not suitable for all materials so test it out before you use it on your bike! 

Berryman’s Chem-Dip Carburetor Parts Cleaner

Berryman 0996-ARM B-9 Chem Dip Parts Cleaner with Basket and Armlock, 3/4-Gallon Pail

For those who want to deep clean their carburetor and are not afraid to spend some time doing so, then this soak-method carb cleaner from Berryman is a great choice to go with. 

You will be left with great results as this carb cleaner has a great formula that can completely dissolve the dirt that can easily build up in your barurator.

Plus, it’s low in VOCs which makes it suitable to use on carburetors that feature components made from rubber, vinyl or plastic materials.

This also means that it is available in all 50 states but also means that you will have to leave your carburetor’s components to soak for a fair amount of time. 

Although you will have to disassemble your carburetor first, it’s worth it so you can deep clean your carburetor all in one go and completely get rid of any gum, sludge, grease and more that has built up in there over long periods of use.


  • Berryman’s Chem-Dip Carburetor Cleaner is a great choice for those who want to deep clean their carburetor’s components all in one go. 
  • Its effective formula allows it to completely cleanse your carburetor of carbon deposits, grease, gum, varnish, and more. 
  • It’s low VOC count means that it is safe to use on all kinds of materials including rubber and plastic.


  • To use this carb cleaner, you will need to completely disassemble the carburetor and leave the parts to soak in the solution for a short time – but this con comes with all dipping carb cleaners. 

Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner 

Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner, Original Pine, 40 Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2) (Packaging May Vary)

This all-in-one cleaner is a favorite product that can be found in all kinds of garages – and it can even be used to clean your carburetor along with a range of other parts and components of different types of vehicles. 

Not only is Pine-Sol versatile, but it’s very effective as well and it will quickly clean all kinds of debris and grease buildup in your bike’s carburetor.

This means that you will quickly see effective results after one soak, although its strong formula makes it unsafe for use on materials like rubber and vinyl.

This is because Pine-Sol’s strong formula will erode these kinds of materials so it’s best to only use it on carburetors made purely from metal. 

However, there are plenty of other great reasons to use Pine-Sol. Not only does it feature a pine scent that helps protect those with sensitivity to strong chemical smells, but it is also super affordable! This makes it a great alternative to other more expensive soaking carb cleaners. 

So, if you want an effective carb cleaner for a great price, then Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner is definitely a contender for your favorite! 


  • Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner is versatile and can be used to clean a variety of different components and appliances. 
  • It doesn’t feature the same strong chemical smell like other carb cleaners do. 
  • It’s great at dissolving and disinfecting your carburetor’s components. 
  • It’s available for a great, affordable price which makes it a great choice for those on a tight budget. 


  • Its strong formula means that Pine-Sol cannot be used on carburetor parts that are made from materials like rubber or vinyl due to the risk of erosion. 

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment 

SeaFoam SF-16 Motor Treatment 16 oz. Can (3)

Some people even use fuel additives as a cleaner for their carburetor, partly because of how much more affordable it is.

Although it’s better for maintaining the cleanliness of your bike’s carburetor rather than cleaning it out, it’s definitely something you want to consider using if you constantly find yourself cleaning out your carburetor. 

So, a great fuel additive to use for this purpose is Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment. It works by liquifying gun and varnish, flowing it out of your fuel lines and carburetor to help keep the fuel economy of your engine great and efficient. 

EPA registered and super affordable, it’s definitely a product worth considering if you want to keep your carb clean instead of having to constantly disassemble it to clean. 


  • Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment is one of the best fuel additives for keeping your carburetor free from gun and varnish build up. 
  • It’s super affordable, making it a great alternative to constantly cleaning your carburetor. 
  • It’s easy to use and is great for preventing build ups that can seriously damage your engine’s performance. 


  • Works as a preventative rather than as a solution to an already blocked and dirty carburetor. 

Our Buyer’s Guide To The Best Carburetor Cleaner

If our above recommendations just don’t fit your needs, then here is a buyer’s guide to help you work out what features you should consider when searching for the best carburetor cleaner for you. 

This way, you can still ensure that you are choosing a great carburetor cleaner. So, check out the guide below and good luck! 

Type Of Carburetor Cleaners

There are actually different types of carburetor cleaners that you can choose from but the main ones include spray/aerosol, dipping cans, and soaking carburetor cleaners. Each one has its own pros and cons. 

Some soaking carburetor cleaners contain chlorine which can be considered toxic, while non-chlorinated carb cleaners are also more flammable.

Dipping cans are considered the best choice for cleaning spare carburetor parts that don’t see much use, while aerosol carb cleaners can get into all kinds of tiny cracks but also require you to find a thin rag and some elbow grease to properly clean your carb.

Which type of carburetor cleaner you prefer comes down mainly to your own preference as all will get the job done! 


Quickness and speed is one of the most looked-for features in a carburetor cleaner. After all, no one wants to spend hours scrubbing down their motorbike’s parts. So, a carburetor cleaner should be fast acting so you can quickly get the job done and get back to biking as normal. 

Fast working carburetor cleaners tend to be more potent so there is a safety concern attached to this, but this isn’t always the case – so try and find a cleaner that perfectly balances between fast and safe! 


The whole point of buying a carburetor cleaner is that it cleans your carb. However, some carb cleaners are more effective than others, and can take off more dirt during its first application. 

Of course, this does depend on how dirty your carburetor is to begin with as the dirtier it is, the more times you may have to clean it – but opting for super effective carb cleaner can seriously shave off a lot of time spent maintaining your motorcycle rather than riding it. 

So, you will want to try and find a really effective carburetor cleaner. 


It’s important to note that some carburetor cleaners are not great to use on certain types of materials. If your carburetor includes parts made from vinyl, rubber or plastic, then certain carb cleaners will be too strong to use. 

As a result, you will need to consider what materials are used in your bike’s carburetor and find a cleaner that is suitable and safe to use on those materials.  This way, you can avoid damaging your bike’s carburetor and improve its longevity and durability. 


It’s possible to find some carburetor cleaners that are single use products but this isn’t very efficient if you often ride your motorbike.

As a result, you may want to purchase a long time use and restorable carburetor cleaner – but if you think you can save more money by purchasing one-time use carb cleaners, then this might be the better option for you.

Think about how often you clean your carburetor and if the tracks you usually drive on typically make your carburetor really dirty. This way, you can work out if it will be more cost effective to buy a reusable cleaner or a one-time use cleaner. 


This is a relatively minor thing to consider when searching for the right carburetor cleaner, but it’s worth noting that most have a very strong smell.

However, you can find some that have a lower odor than some so if you are particularly sensitive to strong smells or want to avoid cleaners with strong odors for particular health reasons, then you should look for those with ‘low odor’ due to their low intensity of VOCs. 


Finally, we have come to the final factor you should consider when searching for the right carburetor cleaner for you – the price. 

You should set yourself a budget because some carb cleaners can cost over $35!

Most range between $15 to $35 in price but you can also find some great ones that are priced below $15 – so figure out how much you want to spend on your carb cleaner so you don’t end up paying more than you are happy with! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you Spray Carb Cleaner directly into the Carb? 

How you use your carb cleaner all depends on the type of carb cleaner you have bought but most of them work by being sprayed directly into a running carburetor.

You will need to do this by positioning the tip of the carb cleaner can into the center of the carburetor.

So, yes – you can spray carb cleaner directly into your motorbike’s carb (or any other vehicle you are using the carb cleaner on).

What are the Signs of a Dirty Carburetor? 

There are a lot of different signs that point towards your carburetor needing cleaning, but some of the main ones all come down to your engine. If you are having trouble starting your motorbike’s engine or it won’t start at all, then it’s time to clean your carburetor. 

Other signs that your carburetor is dirty is if your engine is less efficient than normal or is either running lean or rich, indicating that the fuel to air ratio is off balance. 

If your motorbike starts experiencing any of these symptoms, then you should clean your carburetor and see if these issues persist. If they do, then you could be experiencing more complex issues with your engine or carburetor. 

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What will Happen if I don’t Clean my Carburetor? 

Regular maintenance of motorcycle is extremely important. Failing to clean your carburetor can lead to disastrous results with your motorbike’s performance. 

Dirt will continue to build up in your carburetor, throwing the air and fuel ratio balance in your motorbike’s engine, either causing it to struggle to start or fail to start at all.

This means that you could put your motorbike out of commission just by simply failing to clean the carburetor from time to time. 

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