Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

Riding a motorcycle on an uncomfortable seat can chuck some enjoyment from the whole exercise. You can end up buying a new motorcycle seat and which does not come on the cheap. However, you don’t have to buy another seat when you can always choose the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides.

But which is the best motorcycle seat pad for you? Of course, there are numerous options on the market, but not all seat pads have the same quality and comfort.

In our review, we found Airhawk – R-REVB Cruiser Motorcycle Seat Cushion to be of decent quality, and our top choice. On second place is Air Seat Innovations Pressure Relief Motorcycle Seat Pad. Both selections are durable, good quality, and, most importantly, comfortable for long rides. Let’s check out the rest of the motorcycle seat pad reviews.

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

Airhawk – R-REVB Cruiser Motorcycle Seat Cushion

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With pressure point support around the scrotum tailbone and prostate, you can now enjoy long rides across the state. The built-in stress-relieving qualities are exceptional and designed for optimal comfort when riding your motorcycle.

As the best motorcycle seat pad, it utilizes a patented air cell technology to ensure that you are comfortable for a long time when riding the motorcycle. It is durable, and it saves you cash in the long run since you don’t have to spend more on a new motorcycle seat.

A back cutaway and center cut out enhance some form of comfort around the tailbone. In particular, the tapered transition feels comfortable in every way when riding. 

And to ensure durability, the material is robust polyurethane that resists wear in every weather condition. 

What we like

  • Has pressure point support around the scrotum, tailbone, and prostate
  • Patented air cell technology for long-lasting use
  • The motorcycle seat has an ergonomic design for enhanced comfort
  • Durable polyurethane material

What we don’t like

  • The motorcycle seat pad does not look too stylish for some people

Air Seat Innovations Pressure Relief Motorcycle Seat Pad

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The best air motorcycle seat cushion has particular characteristics that you find in this pressure relief motorcycle seat pad. It has the design to bring you comfort when riding for a long day, and that is the main idea. 

The neoprene rubber that constructs the internal bladder is durable and flexible. The top material is machine washable to ensure that your motorcycle seat pad is always clean and comfortable. It is breathable and can quickly transfer the heat from your body, and you can keep going during hot weather.

What we like

  • Designed to bring you comfort for a long day riding
  • The internal bladder material is a durable neoprene rubber
  • Machine washable top cover to ensure that the seat pad is clean and comfortable 
  • It is breathable and comfortable 

What we don’t like

  • It may not be the perfect fit for a real touring seat

AIRHAWK Motorcycle Cruiser Seat Cushion

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The Airhawk motorcycle seat pad prevents pressure injuries so that you can enjoy long rides without pain. You will notice that this motorcycle seat cushion has a tapered design to accommodate your legs when riding, and that is what makes it comfortable and easy to use.

The in-built stress-relieving features around the scrotum and tailbone is a vital feature to have in the perfect motorcycle seat pad for long rides. It feels natural and you can focus on the road. It is also breathable and you can say goodbye to discomfort, especially when riding in hot weather. The open mesh side panels are quite useful in that regard.

What we like

  • Designed to prevent pressure injuries
  • Tapered design to accommodate your legs and ensure your comfort
  • The seat cushion is easy to install 
  • Stress-relieving features so that you can focus on the road 
  • Breathable with open mesh side panels 

What we don’t like

  • There are reports that the seat pad may start to leak after a period

Alaska Leather Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Pad

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One thing about Alaska Leather motorcycle seat pads is that they are famous for their comfort and durability. They are a reliable brand that you can trust to use for a long time with your motorcycle. 

The 100% genuine sheepskin is what makes the motorcycle seat pad unique and among the best. It is this material that makes it durable and comfortable. You will also notice that this material is stylish and a source of confidence and pride when riding in a group. 

And unlike the others on the market, this leather sheepskin motorcycle seat pad keeps you warm during cold weather and cool when it gets hot.

What we like

  • The seat pads are famous for their comfort and durability
  • 100% genuine sheepskin for durability and comfort 
  • Stylish design 
  • Keeps warm when it is hot and cool when the temperature rises 

What we don’t like

  • It may not have sufficient shock absorption qualities

HOMMIESAFE Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion

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Professional riders and long-distance riding require a comfortable seat cushion to prevent injury and discomfort. If possible, you can always get an additional motorcycle passenger seat pad for your partner, especially when riding for a long time. Some comfort and Shock absorption is not so bad a thing to have for them. 

This motorcycle seat pad has various small cushions that combine to provide the best shock absorption and comfort. Apart from the air or water-filled cushions, the entire item has an ergonomic design to support the tailbone and scrotum area. 

The 3D airbag gap and the shallow groove design keep you cool when riding in a variety of conditions.

What we like

  • Utilizes various small cushions to ensure your comfort while riding
  • Ergonomic design for optimal support around the tailbone and scrotum area

What we don’t like

  • It may not be an appropriate fit for particular types of seats such as Honda Goldwing 

Conformax Topper Excel Ultra-flex Motorcycle Gel Seat Pad

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The motorcycle seat gel cushion from this brand is what separates it from the rest. It is of exceptional quality and something worth highlighting, especially if you are looking for the best. 

In particular, the gel pad for the motorcycle seat has a hinged design to allow excellent flexibility and installation. Furthermore, the unique design makes it easy to use and comfortable. It also ensures excellent support at the lower backbone area and buttocks. You can also rely on the high-performance ULTRAFOAM that molds to your anatomy for sufficient shock absorption and comfort.

What we like

  • Good quality seat gel cushion
  • Easy-to-use hinged design
  • It supports the lower backbone area and buttocks 
  • High-performance foam that molds to your anatomy 

What we don’t like

  • It may not be very comfortable in hot weather

Air Seat Innovations Motorcycle Seat Cushion

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In the majority of cases, the needs of the passengers are forgotten. But thanks to this motorcycle seat cushion, your passenger can now enjoy the ride as much as you do. But it is not only for passengers but for riders as well. 

The shock-absorbing qualities of the air seat cushion make it comfortable for long rides. You will also appreciate the design of the air cell that allows an adequate flow of air to the lower back and buttocks. You can, therefore, enjoy long rides during the hot weather.

It is easy to use and maintain. Specifically, filling it with air is as easy as it gets. You only need to twist open the nozzle and fill it with air just like you do with a balloon. 

What we like

  • Comfortable and appropriate for both the rider and passenger
  • The air seat cushion is soft with shock-absorbing qualities
  • The design of the air cells makes it adequately comfortable in hot weather

What we don’t like

  • It may not be very comfortable in cold and wet weather 

Why Need a Specific Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides?

In a nutshell, the motorcycle seat is comfortable. However, that changes over long rides, and that significantly affects the enjoyment in riding. The best motorcycle seat pad for long trips can help you go the extra distance and be more efficient. A hurting backside is not what any motorcyclist wants, and a specific motorcycle seat pad solves the problem.

Different Types of Seat Pads for Motorcycle Long Rides

One of the common types of motorcycle seat pads includes the air cushion, pumped up with air from the bottom. The seat pad is quite popular, and inflating it is a walk in the park. Typically, you can decide how high you want the seat pad to be, and that is one of their best qualities. 

The foam butt pads are very comfortable since they come with shock-absorbing qualities. Some of the products are a blend of foam and gel to make the seat pad comfortable for longer. On the other hand, the gel pads conform to the shape of your body and reduce numbness. 

Sheepskin has a temperature regulating property, and that is what makes it ideal for a seat pad. It provides good air circulation and dries quickly.

Best Brands that Manufacture Particular Seat Pads for Long Rides

Established in 1979, Alaska leather produces good quality motorcycle parts, including the seat pads. One of their popular products includes Sheepskin Buttpad. AIRHAWK utilizes its patented and innovative Air Cell Technology on motorcycle seat pads for a comfortable ride. 

The 2009- established Royal Riding brand is a famous maker of gel seat pads for power sports vehicles, ATVs, UTV, and motorcycles. 

Buying Guide – Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

The shape and the size of the motorcycle seat pad can determine how comfortable your motorcycle ride is. Generally, motorcycle seat pads have an irregular size and shape, mostly narrow at the front and broader at the back. The thickness of the motorcycle seat pad can increase the riding height to a particular level based on your comfort.

Choose a material with moisture-wicking properties to enhance your comfort and ensure durability. No doubt, you’re going to sweat when riding your motorcycle, and it’s always good if your seat does not hold on to the sweat and moisture collected over the length of the journey. Different brands have different attachment methods, but always make sure that you choose a motorcycle seat pad that is easy to install and maintain. The various reviews from customers will give you an idea of what you are getting into.

Are Motorcycle Seat Pads Waterproof, Especially the Comfort Models?

It mostly relies on the material of the seat pad. In the majority of the cases, they are waterproof, given the fact that you will be using them outdoors. However, it is always good to check because some off-market products are not always waterproof.

Do You Need to Remove the Motorcycle Seat when Installing a Pad?

The installation of the motorcycle pad depends on its design. But in the majority of the cases, you may need to remove the seat to get a secure fit. 

How to Adjust Pressure on Air Cushions?

The instructions for inflating and deflating the air cushions will come in handy when you need to adjust. Use the included accessories to inflate to a comfortable level, which is quite different for different people. 

How to Stay Comfortable on a Long Motorcycle Ride?

The kind of motorcycle seat pad that you choose determines how comfortable your ride is. But apart from the seat pad, the posture that you make when riding and make you comfortable or uncomfortable during a long trip. 

Do Harley Davidson Motorcycles Require Particular Seat Pad?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are a unique brand with prestige and quality. a good example is the motorcycle seat pads for Harley.

How To Make A Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides- Is that Possible?

With the right expertise and materials, it is possible to make your motorcycle seat pad. However, it is always more convenient to purchase one on the market. 

To go about it, you will need some foam material, a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, and waterproof top material. Get the right measurements from the motorcycle seat and proceed to cut the foam material as well as the waterproof covering that will go on top of it. Use the sewing machine to attach the material on top of the foam and don’t forget about the straps that will go around the seat. 

Concluding Remarks

The best motorcycle seat pad for long rides is among the factors that make motorcycling fun. Unfortunately, it is not all seat pads on the market that are comfortable. Each of the selected above will make a good choice for you and depending on your budget and preferences.

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