How to Ride a Motorcycle Safely [Motorcycle Safety Tips]

Nothing feels better than riding on an open road on a motorcycle. Having the wind blowing your entire body is just awesome. Undoubtedly, motorcycle riding comes with a thrilling feeling that makes you feel like riding over and over. However, the fun can turn out to be fatal if you are not careful. If looking forward to a fun but safer motorcycle riding, read the following tips on how to ride a motorcycle safely.

Wear a helmet and other protection kits

While most people dislike helmets, you need to know that they are there to protect your head from fatal injuries in case of an accident. If you fail to wear a helmet when riding, you are 5 times more likely to suffer from serious head injury compared to one with a helmet. Also, wear protective gears such as gloves, boots, and clothing that will protect your body from injuries. For clothes, wear leather and boots with non-skid soles.

Go slow

Even if you ride slowly, you will still get to the destination. With the highway rolling below your feet, it is easy to go with the thrill and ride faster. However, going at an average speed is the safest mode of riding.

Put on reflector jackets

Motorcycles are tiny compared to the vehicles on the road such that they slip well into blind spots. With most drivers not paying attention, you may find yourself into a deadly crash. With that in mind, always make yourself visible by getting high visibility vests for safety. The vests come with neon colors and visible reflective strips. With such a jacket, you can be more visible than when wearing a plain leather jacket.

Ride defensively 

It’s not good to assume that the driver is seeing you while on the road. Almost 2/3 of the motorcycle accidents come from the violation of the rider’s rights of way by the drivers. To stay safe, ride with the lights on and make sure to stay away from the driver’s blind spot. Make sure you signal before changing directions. Also, watch out for turning vehicles.

Rider sober

Never drink and ride since you can endanger your life as well as others. Also, avoid fatigue and drowsiness as that can affect your ability to act fast. With that in mind, sleep and rest well before hitting the road.

Make enough preparations before riding

To begin with, you need to make sure that the bike is fit for the road. Even as you practice safe riding, if anything goes amiss with your bike, your safety measures may not help. Some of the things you need to check to include:

  • Tires– with tires, check to see if there are cracks or signs of wear. Makes sure they have the right pressure. 
  • Below the bike– here, check out for signs of gas or oil leaks
  • Headlight, signals, and taillight- here, make sure that all the lights are functional
  • Coolant and hydraulic fluids– check the levels weekly
  • Throttle and clutch– always make sure they are functional. The throttle should hit back once you release it.
  • Mirrors– always clean them for clear and sharp views
  • Brakes– test both front and the rear ones and makes sure they are firm enough

Follow traffic rules


Following traffic rules is among the most important motorcycle safety tips. It’s good to adhere to the traffic rules. Make sure you stop at stop signs and other traffic signs. Failure to adhere to the rules, you may meet with an accident or in jail. 

Avoid tricks

While some tricks are fun, it is good to avoid them, especially when on a busy road, or when you are not very experienced at that. Doing tricks on a bicycle is safer but with a dangerous motorcycle. It is also good to avoid sharp turns as this increases your chances of falling off the bike.

Millions of people have died, others left with lifetime disabilities after motorcycle accidents. Do not allow yourself to become part of the statistics. Always ride defensively, keep your eyes on the road and ride slowly. That way, you will ride to your destination but not in the hospital.

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