Having a lot of fun may mean risks at times. That is true, especially when it comes to motorcycle riding. Even if you are a skilled rider on a safe motorcycle on a sunny day you can still crash. Once that happens, the right gear is the only thing that can save your life. While most people only concentrate on the rider’s safety gear, it is good to know that a passenger needs to be safe too since his life is equally important. The blog seeks to help you know what to wear motorcycle passenger.

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Wear the right helmet

A helmet is a very important gear when it comes to your safety. It keeps your head safe, especially the brains and the face from the impact of an accident. Other than protecting you from accidents, its visor protects your eyes from dust and insects which might affect your vision while on the road. You might even wear protective goggles if you wear an open face helmet. When buying a helmet, make sure you get the right size to fit your head well.


As long as your rider wears a helmet, you are not only on the right side of the law but also safe from various forms of injuries.

Protective motorcycle pants

Wearing jeans is not enough, especially when it comes to riding. Protective motorcycle pants will keep your knees, hips, and shins safe. The safety gear is also resistant to scratches and comes with armors to protect your lower body. The best pants should fit you snugly and not restrict your legs movements.


Protective pants offer the best protection to your knees, shins, and hips in case of a fall.

Motorcycle jacket

These jackets are not the usual leather jackets. Just like you, your passenger should have a protective jacket that is well armored to protect the skin from scratches from accidents. The best jackets are waterproof and can comfortably withstand wind. Some of them are padded with impact-absorbing materials to protect the back, elbows, shoulders, and chest.


Make sure you get a snug jacket to avoid restricting your arms and you are good to go.

Motorcycle boots

While boots are stylish, they serve as the best protective gears in the cycling industry. Make sure that your passenger has sturdy and stable boots that do not bend easily. That way they will keep the legs safe if you crash. Also, these boots should have non-slip soles to stay firm on the pedal.


Having boots that go beyond the ankle height is the best way to stay safe, regardless of their gender. With sturdy boots, your ankles and legs are safe on the road.

Leather gloves

Make sure that the passenger has leather gloves if possible. Even if she is not the rider, the gloves will still keep her hands safe from scratch for when you crash. Just make sure that the passenger gets the right size so that she can hold you well as you ride. 


While leather gloves are stylish, they also go a long way to ensuring a passenger’s safety while on the bike.

Reflector vests

While most riders may think that they are the only ones in need of a reflector vest, it’s also important for the passenger to have one too. The reason is that the passenger is blocking the view of your protective gear from the back and a truck around the corner may not see you. Make sure the passenger has a reflector vest that is breathable and easy to slip on top of the leather jacket.


When a passenger has a reflector vest on, that increases visibility and other motorists are less likely to hit you.

There you have it! You are never late when it comes to suiting up your passenger. Whether he/she is hopping on for the first time or has been your riding partner for long, his/her safety is as important as the rider’s safety.

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