How to Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle [Easy Ways]

To know how it feels like to be on a motorcycle, you must not have a license. Besides, you don’t have to be a rider since being a passenger needs no license which means you do not need training. If you love being on a motorcycle and you get a rider whom you trust, here are tips on how to ride on the back of a motorcycle.


Do you trust the rider?

You should never hop on a motorcycle with someone you don’t trust since hopping on a bike is entrusting your life to that rider. With that I mind, always make sure you are confident of their riding experience. Also, make sure they know how to ride with a passenger on the back.


As long as you ride with someone you trust, you will surely enjoy the ride!

Wear the right helmet

In most cases, riders have a single helmet, and so you find that either the rider or the passenger rides with no helmet. Never hop on such a bike! In most states, it’s an offense to ride without a helmet. If you ride without, you will either risk your life or freedom since you can get arrested.


A helmet is a crucial part of a rider’s or passenger’s safety gear and as long as you put it on, your head is safe. Usually, kids are the common passengers on motorbikes, so they should be safeguarded specially.

Sitting still

When riding at the back, it’s good to sit still. Keep your feet on the pegs always. Never think of helping the driver to stop by putting your legs down at stops. Always make sure you are on the proper motorcycle riding position.


Failure to sit still can upset the balance and lead to an accident.

Never fight the turns

Many people are afraid of the turns since the experience is different from a regular car turn. The reason is that the bike angles on one side and most people find themselves trying to stay upright. To stay safe on the bike, take the corners with the rider and look over the rider’s inside shoulders.


As long as you take turns with the rider, the bike is less likely to lose balance and fall.

Preparing for stops

Riding at the bike means that you need to place your hands around the rider’s waist for stability. However, once the motorcycle is about to stop, it is good to avoid leaning entirely on the rider’s back. That pressure can throw off his balance and find him losing control on the bike. Instead, at the stops, it’s good to lean back at the back rest-if the bike has one and if not, you can use the pedals to stabilize the weight.  


Proper stops go a long way to keeping you safe. Besides, you would not wish to crash at the finishing destination after a long ride.

Make sure your feet rest on the footrests

Resting your feet firmly on the feet-rest is not only ideal for rest but also your safety. The reason is that if any leg accidentally touches the pipes, you may get burnt. 


You need to rest your feet appropriately throughout the ride to stay safe on the bike


Communication is very important when on the bike of the bike. If you do not have Bluetooth, you may communicate with your rider by tapping on the shoulder. A single tap may signify stop, while the double taps may mean stop instantly. Thumbs up may mean it’s fun and the thumbs down meaning the opposite.

The best way to get a memorable back seat ride is getting a thoughtful and experienced rider. With his help, you will easily address ergonomic issues and ride comfortably.

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