How to Ride a Motorcycle for the First Time

Are you a cycling enthusiast looking forward to getting into the world of motorcycle riding? Well, you are in the right place. Unlike some people’s perception, motorcycle riding is very easy. However, if you fail to follow the rules, cycling is a fatal activity. Why do people love cycling if it is that dangerous? The answer is straightforward! Because cycling is fun, it gives you a sense of freedom that is just amazing! That is why most people love the experience. If you want to become a guru in motorcycle riding, this blog comes with tips on how to start riding a motorcycle and prepare you to get that license and hit the road. Enjoy the read!

Getting the right riding gear

When it comes to motorcycle riding, the right gear is the key to successful and safe riding. Some of the gears that you need to have include:

Helmet– a helmet is the most essential gear for riding a motorcycle. It keeps your head safe from injuries if your bike falls. For better protection, make sure you get the right fit to support the right field of view.

A jacket– a motorcycle riding jacket is meant to protect your chest, which includes your inner organs in case of a risk. The best jackets are the ones made of leather and always make sure they have a CE mark, which means that it meets Europe standards for sale. Make sure that the jacket fits snug at the chest and free movement of arms. 

Get motorcycle glove, boots, and other gears- such equipment offers safety and comfort as you ride. Boots protect your feet and ankle while gloves protect your hands from injuries. A cycling pant protects hips and legs. Also, make sure you wear reflector vests for visibility.

Learn how to ride by taking a safety course

While you can learn how to ride from friends, it is always good to get the right training from an expert. The reason is that a course offers the proper instructions to help you master the right riding techniques and safety. For riders in need of learning how to ride a motorcycle for the first time, a course is highly recommended. Also, a course is the only way to get a license in some countries.

Learning the controls 

You need to get familiar with the basic bike controls before you start riding. Some of the controls you need to get familiar with include.

  • Hand clutch lever-it is placed on the left-hand handlebar, and its role is to undo the power from the back wheel as you shift gears.
  • The gear shifter– located on the left foot, its purpose is to change one gear up or down while pulling the clutch lever.
  • Throttle-found on the right handlebar, its purpose is to accelerate a hand brake that passes the brakes to the front wheel. 
  • Rear brake– It is also good to know that the lever found on the right side can work as a rear brake.
  • Rule of thumb-the left the side of your bike controls the gears while the right side is the one responsible for braking and acceleration.

Get on the bike

Now that you are familiar with the controls and you have the right gears, it is time to get on the bike. To safely get on the bike, get on from the left side while grabbing the handlebars. Swing the right leg on top of the seat firmly on the ground. Besides, the best way to know how it works is by getting on it and starting it up. 

Practice the clutch

Since the clutch is used to change gears, pull the clutch in and by doing so, you are releasing the engine from the transmission. By doing so, the bike stays in neutral mode, making it easy for you to shift gears.

Start the engine

Pull in the clutch and get to the kill switch. Startup the bike with the key and make sure that all gauges and lights are working. Once you do so, warm up the bike for around 45 seconds to make sure the engine works properly.

Start riding the motorcycle

Start riding by shifting gear to the first one and let out the clutch lever while at the same time pulling back the throttle. At this point, make sure the kickstand is not out. As you ride, practice turning, shift gears, and even stopping. Continue practicing as practice makes perfect.

All the best!

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