Best Motorcycle Tie Down Straps – [Must Read for Security]

A trailer and tie-down straps are safer when hauling a motorcycle on long distances without riding on it. Most tie-down straps are easier to use; they aren’t created equally, which means some are harder than the rest. While some people prefer using bungee cords or ropes, that’s wrong since tie-down straps are specially designed to keep a motorbike in place when moving. Why risk seeing your bike falling off the van? With the best motorcycle tie down straps, you will travel peacefully, knowing that your bike is secure at the back. To help keep your bike secure, we offer an honest motorcycle tie down straps review to help you get the best. If you’ve been thinking of the best motorcycle tie down straps, read on to know more. 

Our best overall is the RHINO USA HDKIT 4PACK Heavy Duty Straps due to the security, quality, and design. Augo Ratchet Tie down Straps comes in second with similar features that make it ideal tie-down straps for all bike owners.

  1. RHINO USA HDKIT 4PACK Heavy Duty Straps

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The item is among the best motorcycle tie downs that are worth checking out. As a US product, it has gained fame for its consistency in producing quality products all over. Most RHINO products come with quality make, which makes them risk-free items.

The tie-downs feature superior quality that makes them unique among the competitors. They incorporate a unique blend of polyester and silk webbing that makes them soft but tough. Moreover, the straps are lab-tested and proven to offer superior breaking strength that goes up to 10, 427. With such a breaking strength, the straps can handle any bike weight comfortably.

When it comes to the strap’s size, they measure 17length by 1.6 widths and a 3.5 diamond stitching for that extra strap sturdiness. With the item, you can transport your bike peacefully without worrying about risks on the road.

What we like
  • Superior quality
  • Superb breaking strength
  • Durable
  • Easier usage
What we didn’t like
  • The length isn’t the best one
  • The steel ratchet needs treatment

  1. Augo Ratchet Tie Down Straps

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To travel with peace of mind, get motorcycle tie down ratchet straps to focus on the road rather than the bike. The ratchet straps incorporate an industrial-grade standard for the crucial strength to hold the bike securely.

The Augo straps can withstand daily wear and tear as they rarely fray even if you use them daily. Many love the strength offered by the straps with every one measuring up to like 15 feet. Such length makes it easier to tie down all motorcycles regardless of size.

Another great feature with the straps is the S-shape hooks that incorporate rubber coating to protect the bike from scratches when hauling it. The tool also has an impressive breaking strength to haul even the heavier bikes safely.

What we like 
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic
  • Smooth action for easier usage
  • S-hooks offer super security to the bike
What we didn’t like
  • The straps lack usage instructions.

  1. RHINO USA Soft Loop Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

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Tie down straps are the easiest way to secure a motorcycle properly. If you feel that the bike isn’t secure on the van or trailer, the best way to make sure it arrives in one piece is securing it with such straps.

Even if you own other straps, it won’t hurt getting an additional one. The loops are versatile to offer varying securing options. No matter the bike that you own, you will find it easier to use the straps worries free. The straps come with poly/silk webbing, making them durable and easily usable with bigger hooks on securement spots.

When it comes to sturdiness, the straps incorporate a great breaking strength to easily handle heavier bikes without worrying about tripping off the trailer. Due to the quality made, they are also durable, which means you need not have to buy new ones after several years of use. They will serve you for years, even with regular usage.

What we like
  • Quality loops ideal for heavy motorcycles
  • Incredible breaking strength of 10427 pounds
  • Durable
What we didn’t like
  • Many think it’s pricey, but considering the performance, it’s worth it

  1. Erickson 09160 Wheel Chock Tie-Down Kit

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This Erickson tie-down kit is among the best tie down straps for a motorcycle designed for individuals who often transport bikes on ATV or off-road vehicles. The good thing with the kit is wheels being permanently mounted firmly on the trailer or pick-up bed. You need to place the brackets behind both back wheels to hold the bike in place as you transport it securely.

The strong webbed straps work well on bikes with tires ranging from 10 to around 30 diameters. With the double slot e-fitting, you can easily hook up the kit on smaller tires. However, remember that the kit doesn’t incorporate mounting hardware.

What we like
  • Incorporates a vinyl coating that prevents scratches
  • Durable
  • Sturdy ratchet straps
What we didn’t like
  • Pricier
  1. RHINO USA Ratchet Tie Down Straps

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Incorporating a stainless steel cam buckle, the tie down set is among the easiest to use even with the first-timers. With the soft loop combined in the kit, you get ample versatility when securing your ride. Most bike owners prefer this tie down set due to the more comfortable usage and swift set-up.

We like the chrome coat on the hooks that adds to its durability. The set offers easier usage and is lightweight for all peoples to handle comfortably. Thanks to its rationalized design, you can use the straps on numerous bike handlebars, frames, swing arms, and other areas where hooks are hard to slot in.

What we like
  • Awesome break strength
  • Tough ratchet straps
  • Coated steel ratchet
  • Durable
What we didn’t like
  • The length isn’t the best
  • Steel ratchet coating needs maintenance
  1. Pro Taper Standard Universal Tie down Straps

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If looking for an ideal motorbike tie down straps for the trailer, this is the set to get. The set incorporates a unique carabiner hook that easily includes a spring to load and secure the bike to the trailer. The design helps prevent the straps from twisting and keeps the hooks stagnant for the bike’s safety. The versatility of various securement options is what makes the set better than most tie-downs.

The kit incorporates two tie-down sets to give you an alternative when securing the bike. Buying two pairs leaves you on a safer side when using the items on the bike.  

What we like
  • Sizeable webbing strap
  • Awesome tensile strength that is 1200 pounds
  • Soft hooks
  • Affordable
What we didn’t like
  • Nylon webbing isn’t better if you consider polyester
  1. Augo Soft Loop Tie Down Straps

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The item is the best motorcycle handlebar tie down straps due to its design enabling you to secure it on various bikes. Incorporating an S-shape hook coated with rubber makes sure your bike gets no scratches when being hauled. Even though the set isn’t ideal for those riding on bumpy roads, it gets your bike moving safer and easier.

The straps offer a good length to handle most motorbikes since they are 15 feet long. With such a length, it can comfortably fit various bikes on flatbeds and even on the trailer. Since the straps incorporate ergonomic handles, you can easily ratchet then down to get a secure fit.

What we like
  • Quality make
  • Huge load capacity
  • Super breaking strength of 4,500lbs
  • Straps with easier usage
  • More straps
What we didn’t like
  • Only fit for city roads


  1. Lockdown Premium Ratchet Straps

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If looking for a product that offers a safety guarantee to your bike while traveling, this is the item to get. The straps incorporate quality material for sturdiness and stability. Moreover, they can comfortably support up to 3372lbs, which makes them great when keeping your bike safe. Thanks to the quality hooks, your bike stays safe from scratches. 

What we like
  • Easier usage
  • Sturdy
  • Efficient 
  • Incorporates a carry bag for the straps
  • Affordable 
What we didn’t like
  • The ratchets come with a thin metal 
  • Pricey
  1. Sunferno Ratchet Tie Down Straps

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Unlike some other straps that break off after several months of use, this tie down strap is a professional one. It offers a 2500 breaking strength with almost 1250 load capacity. With such a set, you can use it for years without experience any wear or tear from the straps.  

The straps offer easier usage with rubber-coated hooks or handle to protect the bike, the trailer, and your hands from ugly scratches.

What we like
  • Superb breaking strength
  • Better load capacity
  • Convenience
  • Easier usage
  • Closed S-hooks to avoid slip-offs
What we didn’t like
  • Tricky installation 
  1. Gossip Ratchet Tie Down Straps

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For a tie down strap set with unique and capable features, this is the set for you. As a 15 foot strap, you can haul bigger bikes with no need of extra straps. The straps are amazingly sturdy and can handle 2059 pounds weight with the ergonomic design making this possible.

The set incorporates a spring release method for slippage prevention, which means that the bike will hardly slip-off when on a trailer. 

What we like
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Sturdy
  • Incorporates a carry bag for storage
  • Closed S hook for security
  • Soft loops that hinder scratches
  • Better length 
What we didn’t like
  • The ratchet mechanism is challenging especially to the beginner 

Necessity of Using Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

  • Keeps the bike safe-since most loops come with soft webbing, they never scratch your bike paint when hauling. 
  • Sturdy to handle bike weight- the straps are strong and won’t break when hauling your bike.
  • Peace of mind-when sure that your bike is safe on the back; you can peacefully concentrate on the road.
  • Easier usage-the tie down straps is easier for everyone to use, especially with their easily understandable instructions.

Materials of Motorcycle Straps

Majority of the tie down straps incorporate nylon or polyester webbing where both material offer unique pros and cons. for instance, nylon straps are affordable but not as durable. Polyester straps are somehow pricey, but the longevity and sturdiness make them better.

Types of Motorcycle Straps

Cam buckle and ratchets are the popular ones in this list. Most people prefer ratchets due to their levels of sturdiness and the tension they offer. Cam buckles are also effective and reliable when it comes to securing your bike.

Load Capacity and Breaking Strength

Breaking strength refers to the weight that can break the strap when forced to the point. The load capacity means the amount of load that the straps can comfortably secure.

Size (Dimensions) of Tie Down Straps

Majority of the tie down straps length range between 8 to 15 feet since longer bike models may call for longer straps. As you check the length, it is advisable also to check the width, then the thickness of the straps since the broader and thicker straps are robust and offer better tightness.

What More to Consider While Buying Motorcycle Tie Down Straps?


Many straps run from 8 to 15 in length, but choosing will depend on your bike. Make sure you choose the one that can fit your bike. If your bike is bigger, you may need a longer one.

Breaking strength

When it comes to breaking strength, you need to understand that it’s crucial to your bike’s safety. It’s good to choose a set with a higher breaking strength since you want to assure that your bike is always safe.


Choose a ratchet or straps that offer better tightening. Ratchets are famous for providing simpler tightening even when standing while cam buckles need some force to get the tension. However, both types offer better tightening.

Scrap material quality

Most straps incorporate nylon material due to the stretching ability since stretch is crucial when securing a bike. Others use polyester material, which is also useful in making sure that the motorcycle gets the right tension when you’re hauling.

How Do You Tie Down a Motorcycle?

You only need to ring the strap around the clamp to tie down a motorbike before you load the bike. After that, load the bike and then attach the hook of the tool. Attach the corresponding end to the anchor part of the trailer of the truck bed. Put your bike on the side-stand to tighten the left strap. You don’t have to leave it drum-tight, simply take off the slack.

How to Use Cam Buckle Tie Down Straps?

To securely tie down your bike, you only need you to use the motorcycle tie down points effectively. Here is how to do it.

  1.  Put the straps via the hole at the rotating reel in the middle of the locked ratchet.
  2.  Pull through the webbing to leave some slack
  3.  Start to ratchet which is raising or lowering the handle
  4.  The webbing will stop independently and lock in place to increase further, ratcheting for tension.
  5.  Take the strap and pass it via an axle, then back via the bottom, remove the slack. Once you remove the slack, it tightens and coils up.

How to tie Down your Harley Davidson?

Push the tool down to the travel or stowed level. When ready to tighten the bike, use the release lever and open the ratcheting mechanism fully open. Pull the hook end, which allows you to release the crucial tension or unfasten the strap.

Final Verdict

No one wishes to risk transporting an expensive bike on unsecured tools. Everyone wants the strongest ratchet straps to hold the bike on the truck when traveling securely. Since straps come in varying types and models, they confuse many while navigating through the choices. We believe you can now get the ideal tie down straps for your favorite motorcycle with the above reviews.

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