What Does a Power Commander Do for a Motorcycle?

Driving a motorcycle is a unique experience, and it’s like flying on the road. People, who love to drive motorcycles always search for new ways to boost the motorcycle’s energy, right? There are a lot of ways to increase the overall performance of your two-wheeler. If you are a regular rider, you would have probably heard about the word power commander. If not here’s a detailed article about what does a power commander do for a motorcycle: 


What is a power commander? 

A power commander is a kind of tuning tool that adjusts the amount of fuel and works on the motorcycle’s ignition timing. It is used in motorcycles to boost engine performance by enhancing the level of horsepower.

Here is a list of power commanders.

How does a power commander work?

The power commanders consist of a microprocessor that can completely manipulate the motorcycle’s ignition output and fuel when plugged into the motorcycle’s engine. During the process, the power commander overrides the factory settings and increases the speed. But it does not erase the ECU factory settings permanently, and when the owner plugin out away from the engine, the engine settings restore to the original factory settings. 

The power:

Every motorcycle engine comes with an optimum air-fuel ratio, which helps the engine run the motorcycle at an optimum level to provide maximum speed. In most cases, a power commander helps the bike get close to the optimum level faster than the stock specifications. For example, if a motorcycle optimization level is 65% to 70%, it increases up to 80%-90% when the power commander is plugged in. The difference helps the rider to catch up with the speed faster. The percentage difference comes because of the plugged PC, using the base map program. 

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The Map:

Most motorcycle riders love to utilize a power commander to achieve an immediate power boost. A PC is designed with several factory-installed maps. It has a PC term programmed to tune the motorbike’s engine to run at the level to match up with the factory specifications. The base map of the PC matches basic motorcycle specifications. Adding a PC to your two-wheeler improves the drivability throttle response, increasing the torque and mid-range horsepower. If the motorcycle is modified in the same way to increase the airflow through the motor, the PC provides the right amounts of fuel to match up with the modifications, which increases overall horsepower.


What does a power commander do for a motorcycle? It merely adds up more speed to your auto bike, so a rider gets maximum benefit from the motor while racing. A PC is mostly used by racers and bikers who love to drive competitively. If you own a bike like Dyna or Harley Davidson, the power commander perfectly optimizes the speed and protects the fuel economy.

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