Best True, Power Dual Exhausts for Harley – What Experts Buy

Exhaust systems are crucial when it comes to a motorbike’s general performance. With that in mind, exhausts are no longer metallic tubes that convey fumes from the engine. The features are there for perfection. They create fantastic sound effects while boosting outflow and reduce barriers that generally boost a bike’s performance. However, choosing the best true dual exhaust for Harley is challenging. This article strives to make it easier by including products like Vance & Hines True Duals to help you with your choices when selecting the right one.  

Best True, Power Dual Exhausts for Harley

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1. Vance & Hines True Duals Exhaust – Best Overall

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When looking for the best sounding Exhaust for Harley Davidson, this Vince and Hines product is among the reliable ones. The manufacturer concentrated on power and sound to make sure the rider gets a fulfilling experience. The exhaust is a sleep-on exhaust that ensures the bike gets enough torque and power.  

The exhaust makes sure you get enough quality, style, and torque crucial for a super performance. It is among the best Harley Davidson exhausts that includes a heat shield to boost the engine horsepower and torque. The exhaust also has a fantastic design that adds to the bike’s look, giving a stylish and professional feel and appearance.

Is there any complaint?

For those in love with the silent bike, the product is not the right choice.

2. Vance &Hines Power Duals Exhaust Head Pipes

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This exhaust is the best true duals for street glide when it comes to style, power, and spin. Originally, the exhaust is a sleep-on one that you need to tune to achieve the ideal power. If looking forward to a performance boost, elegant designs, and top-notch style, get this street glide exhaust.


The product incorporates a heat shield that offers efficient coverage. With such a shield, the heat remains in and boosts the bike’s power. It also makes sure you never feel the heat emanating from the exhaust. Many love the bike for its comfort and reliable torque it offers to any rider.

Is there any complaint?

Regulating the bike’s sound is challenging. 

3. Bassani True-Duals Exhaust – Expensive

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Just like the Rinehart exhaust for Harley, this Bassani exhaust never becomes old fashion. Added uniform head pipes boost the bike’s performance, helping the exhaust maintains the bike’s look and cleanliness.


With the 16-gauge steel make, the product is the best performance exhaust for Harley Davidson. The exhausts fit well for a stylish look, super torque, and better sound.

Is there any complaint?

The product lacks exhaust gaskets

4. Vance & Hines True Dual Look Dresser Dual Exhausts

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If you are a rider searching for touring models, Vance and Hines offer the best bike exhausts. The power duals boast super coverage to keep you safe from the heat. Besides the shielding benefit, the exhaust also offers more torque while making sure riders never feel the unit’s heat.


Vance & Hines Dresser Duals Header Pipes are super performers. With their superheat shield and a power chamber, you get more torque and horsepower. That boosts the bike’s performance for better riding.

Is there any complaint?

You may find it hard to regulate the sound on the bike.

5. Cobra True Dual Exhaust Head Pipes

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The dual exhaust pipes incorporate head pipes and heat shields. The heat shields are specifically for shielding the rider from the exhaust heat. Cobra is famous for its reliable models, and this product never disappoints.


The pipes design makes sure the bike performs at its best. They deliver optimal torque, comfort, and power to boost the bike’s performance when riding.

Is there any complaint?

If you need a muffler, you need to buy them separately.

6. Covingtons True Dual 2:1 exhaust

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As an ideal product for Harley Softail, Covington’s is a great choice for any rider. The 2 into 1 exhaust Harley boasts of an elegant appearance and unique style.


With the model, you get better performance, improved horsepower, and torque for your bike’s engine.

Is there any complaint?

No complaints so far 

What is a True Dual Exhaust?  

The true dual exhaust is the one with a separate head and an exhaust manifold with a separate exit. Such an exhaust emits a double amount of exhaust from the engine.

Types of Exhaust

Single Exit Pipe

Such a product is a standard model of the exhaust system that comes with a single exhaust pipe for releasing the gas out of the engine.

Dual Rear Exit

The exhaust is the one incorporating two pipes. Both hoses rest close to each other on the rear side of the bike.

Opposite Dual Exhaust

Such exhausts are the ones that never bend and rest on the opposite positions. 

Dual Side Exhaust

The exhaust includes two hoses resting next to one another on similar sides. The hoses expel gases better than a single one.


Such hoses are somehow pricier but work better. However, these pipes never come with the bike, and you need to buy them separately.

Buying Guide – Think While Choosing a Harley Exhaust


As a crucial consideration, size plays a crucial role when thinking of a bike exhausts’ performance. Since you need to attach these exhausts to the exhaust system, you need to get your bike’s ideal size.


Tastes vary when it comes to sound. You will need to choose an exhaust, depending on the sound you want.


When buying a bike’s exhaust, consider the performance features that every system will offer. Checking the features will help in understanding what to expect from the unit.


Riding on a hot and uncomfortable bike is disastrous. Choose the ones that incorporate a cover that shields you from heat when riding.

Dual Exhaust vs. Single Exhaust

Even though a single exhaust works well, dual exhausts are better. They exit gases via two hoses compared to the single hose. Dual exhausts exit faster, leading to better horsepower to the engine. The model also saves energy and boosts engine efficiency for increased gas mileage.

True Dual vs. Power Dual

If your bike incorporates True dual exhausts, it will look awesome, but no increase in power. On the other hand, power duals offer a boost in power since the engine breathes better.

Dual exhaust vs. 2into 1 Exhaust – Which is Better?

2 into 1 exhaust are not as good as the dual exhausts. It emits fumes via a single muffler. The sound is not as good as with the duals. When it comes to performance, the duals are better.

Does True Dual Exhaust Increase Horsepower?

How much horsepower does true dual exhaust? Unlike what most people think, the dual horsepower does not mean you will boost the engine power. The dual pipes do nothing to push air into the combustion system. Even though the two mufflers and the pipes complete the exhaust system, you will see no horsepower change.

How Much Does True Dual Exhaust Cost?

The cost of the product depends on the muffler you choose to use. If you want to use a true dual, you will need to spend about 400 dollars. However, it does not mean you cannot find one at 300 dollars; shop extensively.

Do You Need Two Mufflers for Dual Exhaust?

Getting two mufflers is not a must, but you may need the two mufflers if using a single in the exhaust.

Concluding Remarks

True dual exhausts are very rider’s necessity when it comes to better riding experience and thrill. With the above list of the ideal choices, we believe you now know what the products entail. Choose any of the above to boost your bike’s overall performance.

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