How to Remove Scratches from Motorcycle Windshield?

Views of trees and mountains passing by you, as you are passing through nature, is of the best feelings when riding a motorcycle. To ensure that the beautiful scenario doesn’t get spoiled, you need to take proper care of the motorcycle windshield. The view may become cloudy and hazy if your windshield is filled with small scratches. You can especially notice the scratches in sunlight or vehicles’ headlines. As the windshield is made up of plastic, it tends to get scratches. How to remove scratches from the motorcycle windshield?

Let’s find out-

Detailed process to remove scratches from motorcycle windshield

Keeping your motorcycle windshield scratch-free is necessary to achieve an amazing experience and prevent road accidents because of poor visibility. Regular maintenance is the first condition to ensure the windshield provides optimum visibility. But, what if there are scratches already?

Follow these simple instructions to remove the scratches quickly-

Step 1:

Soak the windshield:

Prepare a soaking solution using a mixture of dishwashing soap and water. You can also add a little vinegar to bring back the shine in the windshield. Make sure the entire surface is soaked in the soap mixture for a few minutes.

Step 2:

Dry the windshield area:

After a few minutes, take out the windshield from the soaking solution and wipe off the accumulated dirt and debris using a soft and clean cloth. Dry off the windshield using another clean cloth. 

Step 3:

Buff the scratched areas:

Using a fine buffing material, Carefully hand buff the scratched area.  Once done with this step, wipe off again with a dry washcloth to remove any dirt during the buffing process.

Step 4:

Apply a polishing compound:

The polishing compound helps you bring back the shine and remove all the scratches away from the windshield. You can purchase a plastic and glossy polish at a local motorcycle shop. Use a soft and fresh washcloth to apply the polish evenly all over the windshield. Concentrate on the areas where the scratches are more visible. The polishing compound removes all the scratches and clear the windshield.

Step 5:

Dry off the polished area:

Once you are done with the polishing compound’s application, let the windshield air dry for one hour. Using a clean cloth cover the windshield to protect it from the dust. Reattach the windshield store the motorcycle away from the sun and rain till your next ride.


Here is our detailed tutorial on how to remove scratches from the motorcycle windshield. You do not have to replace the windshield whenever it gets scratches. Just follow these simple DIY steps and see the wonders.

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