When is the best time to buy a motorcycle?

Buying a new motorcycle is a dream for many people. Once you have decided to get one, you keep thinking when is the best time to buy a motorcycle. It is a fact that motorcycle dealerships offer huge discounts only a few times in the whole year. There might be many factors that influence the price of motorcycles. If you purchase your dream bike during the right times, you might save up several hundred dollars in your wallet.

Let’s discuss the right times to get a motorcycle:

Knowing the best time

Every time I hear the word discount, I think about the holiday seasons of Christmas and thanksgiving. There are a few periods of the year when companies offer you discount prices. Some promotions also give you predictable hits about their last-minute promotions to sell out the unsold stock. Most likely, December and January are the best months to purchase a motorcycle before the showroom floors get flooded with the unsold stock from Christmas time. 

Best days to purchase a motorcycle

Most people check about the major holidays and festival time but may forget about the week’s day, which also shows the influence on the motorcycle price. Weekdays are the time when people do not go to the dealerships. So, you might get the best price from Monday to Thursday. It is better to avoid going to purchase a new bike during weekends. 

Which week is good to purchase a motorcycle

It’s better to go to the marketplace during the midweek sales. During the second and third weeks, it’s difficult for dealerships to get customers so you can grab the moment. 

Best months in the year to get a new motorcycle

Most of the dealerships get desperate during the slower months. For example, February is the shortest month of the year, and do not have any special days for discounts. It means dealerships try to provide the best price to sell the stock. 

Best seasons to purchase a motorcycle

Winter is the best time throughout the whole year to purchase a new motorcycle. When the sun is down, and temperatures are low, people tend to avoid motorcycle purchases. This means the dealership sellers might offer you the lowest price. You might have a greater potential to get the best prices.


Each year, your favorite brand dealerships launch the latest models for which you have been waiting for a long time. But the best time to buy your one depends on many factors, as we explained above, but always make sure to check two to three dealerships to get the best prices.

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