How to Run GPS without Internet for a Motorbike?

Are you preparing to ride but don’t have an active internet connection or prefer to stay offline for a while? Well, that should not worry you when it comes to GPS. Besides, even when you have working internet, you may lose internet connection at some point, especially when biking on hilly or sloppy areas. Whether you are disconnected by choice or by accident does not mean that you have to get lost. The reason is that we have numerous apps and gadgets that can run GPS without the internet. Also, GPS on most phones does not require the internet to run. It’s not yet time to opt for the paper map!


Have you ever tried to ride in an unknown place with a phone that has weak internet signals? That’s when you wish you had a GPS without an internet app. The good thing is that these problems are not so common. The reason is that companies have come up with ways to connect to the GPS without the use of an internet connection. Such devices help you in having access to the GPS without relying on the cellular company and without affecting your data plan. The signals are free to use, as long as you get the right apps and smartphones. But, how does GPS work without internet? I am sure that is the question running through your minds and we will surely answer it. Read on!

How GPS works without internet

The parts that determine  how it works include a map. Other parts are a navigation system and the receiver. The receiver is what works first to find the bike’s exact scene. After that, the map provides the coordinates of the actual site. It tells on the place, area, and even the street. After getting the location, once you begin to move, the GPS unit starts working. Its navigation system compares the time, speed of your movement, and the bike’s route. A navigation system is the one that guides you to the destination, all these happening without using the internet.

Here is how you can run it without the internet

Use of smartphones

To make it simpler, the GPS in the phone works in two very simple ways. Once you have a connection, it uses assisted GPS, which uses Wi-Fi networks to locate the place. And, it can also use GPS radio to get a location from the satellites. Tablet with GPS without internet can also work as long as you have pre-downloaded maps.

If you are looking for GPS tracking without the internet, smartphones can help. You can download several apps that can work offline or save directions to use when offline. To use GPS radio is the right way but may take longer. Also, the accuracy of the unit will depend on environmental factors like tall buildings, and also the terrain.

Google map

With Google map, you may benefit from pre-downloaded maps with the in-built GPS. Such maps contain every notable detail of the city or the country. This includes streets, key landmarks, and even parks. If you need an updated map, all you need is to download them.

Google maps are a lifesaver. No matter the location, if you get stuck in a place or unfamiliar city, this app will help. Some people ask, does GPS use a lot of data? Well, if you need live traffic updates or routes, you will need data, but you can easily download the map to use it offline.

With Google maps, you use GPS trackers without the internet since you can search and navigate when offline. In case you get lost, you can easily download the map and search to find the information that you need.

Sygic GPS unit

When it comes to motorcycle GPS navigation, Sygic is one common name. It allows users to download maps when offline. Even though many say that it lacks user-friendliness compared to Google maps, it works well. In this case, you need to key-in the entire address for the app to check the location for you. But despite that, it is a great app that offers accurate data and a 3D view of the pre-downloaded map.


GPS can effectively work in the absence of an internet connection. Besides, pilots and soldiers have been using it without the internet and still get the right data. As long as you keep the system updated, you will get the correct information, and you will never worry about taking the wrong route when on your motorbike.

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