How to Confuse a GPS Tracking Device Set on a Motorbike?

The reliability and accuracy of GPS are subject to its capability to receive signals from various satellites around the globe. For the unit to work well, it needs to have a clear view of the satellites. Once the view is obstructed, the receiver may fail to receive or send signals, thus causing GPS failure. In most cases, we rely on this unit to rack our loved ones, vehicles, and even motorcycles. But, there are times when we don’t want to be tracked. If you don’t want the tracker to find you, there are ways to fool it. However, different methods of confusing the device may affect its performance or hamper its ability to collect important data. If you still want to do so, here are various ways on how to confuse a GPS tracking device. Enjoy the read!

Keep the GPS unit in a metallic container

You do not have to use a huge piece of metal. Any metal, as long as it can conduct electricity, it reflects the signal waves and affects transmission. Some of the best metals for this matter are silver and copper metals. To confuse the GPS, place the device in a tin, made any of these metal, and you are done.

Use of GPS jamming gadgets

In the market, you can find GPS jamming devices that are available online. Even though they are illegal, you can still find them. All you need is to plug these confusing devices into an adapter. Once you plug them, you can now interfere with the GPS by confusing the signals.

Devices that jam mobile phones

Phones use GPS signals that are sent from one satellite to another. If you want to confuse the signals, you can easily disrupt the frequencies and affect communication. With this cell phone jamming device, the exchange of real-time location data will be hindered. GPS users rely on the data to monitor objects. These devices are available online, even though they are a bit expensive. 

Use GPS deceiving devices

Such devices send fake signals even when the GPS unit takes real information. The usage of this device works by fooling the data by sending the wrong data. It sends the data with the same signal, and the signals believe they are sending the right information. While that is not the case!

Use of consumer metal foil

To use this foil to fool the GPS, you need first to locate your bike’s GPS receiver and antenna. Once you locate them, wrap their wires with aluminum foil. Even though a single layer of this foil is enough, you can use two layers to be sure. On top of the aluminum foil wrapping the wires, add a layer of duct tape. If the antenna and the receiver are at their right place, one might notice winds when the motorcycle is moving. To avoid that, secure them by wrapping them to a stationary object.

Use GPS blocker

A GPS blocker can do wonders. All you need is to get the one that fits your budget. Some cost about 50 dollars while others cost over 1000 dollars. Such a device can easily bloc the devices from sending signals up to several meters. For your motorcycle, you can decide to plug the device on the bike, making sure no one notices it. That will activate the blocker, and the GPS will not see you. The system may think there are no signals, but you will be very sure of what you are doing. When not using the bike, you can decide to deactivate the tracker to save battery.

GPS are here to help us, since you may need to know the route of your bike. Also, one may steal the bike, and the GPS is the only thing that can help you track its whereabouts. That is why it is an essential part of our lives. If you want to confuse the GPS, it is good to remember that the act is illegal in most countries. With that in mind, you need to know if it is legal in your country before you buy a GPS confusing device. However, do you want to do it legally or illegally? Well, the above tips on how to confuse a GPS tracking device can be of great help.

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