How Accurate is GPS for your Motorcycle?

Do you need to track the whereabouts of your motorbike, vehicle, or even a person? Well, GPS devices offer accurate information at any time. However, users usually wonder about its accuracy. The GPS accuracy depends on several factors such as the position of the satellites at the time of recording the information. Other factors are the surrounding weather, buildings, valleys, as well as the tree cover. But, how accurate is GPS? Read on for more!

What is GPS Tracking?

Before thinking of how accurate is GPS tracking, let’s first learn what it is. The tracking devices connect to the system to communicate through signals. The accuracy of this unit is very crucial. Therefore, once the signals are affected, accuracy may not be a hundred percent. 

GPS makes use of radio signals to know the location of the bike. That means the device can calculate location depending on the time the radio signal takes to get to the satellites. Satellites pass the signals to one another and the unit can measure the transmissions to analyze the device’s location.

Is GPS accurate?

It depends! The reason is that GPS satellites transmit signals in the earth in a given accuracy margin. However, what you receive will depend on some factors, such as signal blockage, receiver quality, satellite geometry, and weather.  

While GPS does not depend on the weather, accuracy may be affected by areas with poor sky sight, in the tunnels, or tall buildings. Some of the areas that get GPS inaccuracies include hilly and mountainous areas, huge tree cover, tall buildings, under a tunnel and many more.

In most cases, the majority of GPS devices such as phones are accurate in arrange of three meters. This gives room for you to get accurate data. While being in areas that affect GPS accuracy can give the wrong data, the advancement in technology has made it easy for us. The technology is there to ensure strong signals for accurate results.

For example, if thinking of how accurate is GPS on smartphones or how accurate is phone GPS, we have the answer. There is a smartphone-enabled GPS that is very accurate within 4.9 meters on an open sky. However, accuracy may become worse near tall buildings or trees. To boost accuracy, you can get double-frequency receivers to offer real-time positioning in several centimeters. You can also get long-term measurements on the level of millimeters. 

How accurate is GPS speed?

Time transfer of GPS is similar to coordinating networks and clocks to a certain time, known as coordinated universal time or UTC. This UTC is preserved by the government via GPS signals in the earth with given time accuracy. The time transfer accuracy is always in line with UTC. That means that the precision of the GPS rapidity is well maintained for better results.

Between military and civilian GPS, which one is more accurate?

This brings us to the question, how accurate is military GPS? The error range of the GPS is equal, for both the military and civilian GPS. However, most civilian GPS receivers use one frequency while military ones use two frequencies. With the two frequencies, military GPS accuracy is improved since it can correct signal alterations. Such alterations are caused by the atmosphere or the surroundings. Such devices are available to civilians but can come at an additional cost. Also, its applications and size limited the device to professional use. Besides, civilian GPS devices work as well. So, you don’t have to spend much on a military GPS device but is willing, you can still get it. If you own a civilian device, you can still get better accuracy, if you use augmentation systems.


Current technological advancement has enabled us to live a better life. You can easily track your motorbike or other things and people with accuracy. Being able to use your phone to track a motorbike is of great advantage since you do not have to spend on a GPS unit. If you have been thinking of how accurate is cell phone GPS, it is very accurate. We expect technology to continue advancing to offer better and guaranteed peace of mind.

With the above information on how accurate GPS is, it is now time to get your own. Why spend time worrying about the safety of your vehicle, child, or a vehicle? You can easily track it from home with the GPS tracking device.

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