How to Use a GPS Tracker on Motorcycle?

The world is evolving fast, and with the rising levels of motorbike theft, every motorcycle enthusiast strives to find the best way to keep their bikes safe. With the current advancement in technology, your bike can get lost and spend years looking for it but in vain. That is why GPS trackers are here. Installing one on your bike is of great help. The reason is that even when you are not the one using the bike, you can trail its movement in the comfort of your home. Also, if it happens to get lost, you can easily track its whereabouts with the use of GPS. If thinking of how to use a GPS tracker, then here is the right information for you.  

GPS trackers are so easy to use

Once it arrives, all you need is to install it on your bike or SIM cards. Simply charge the tracker, log into the mapping panel, and you are good to go. The mapping system is usually easy to use and does not come with hard to use software that needs to be downloaded. With a tracker, you can easily track your bike within minutes. The trackers use GPS satellites to make sure that you get accurate and reliable tracking data.  

While GPS works to give the exact location of a person, you can also use it to track your motorcycle’s movement by installing a tracker on it. It is also possible to use a GPS tracker on your phone to track down your motorcycle.

How to use GPS tracker on the android phone on your motorcycle

The motorcycle GPS tracker is very sensitive to locations. It will keep on notifying you of the situation of your bike, and you do not have to worry about lack of emergency notifications.

Another great thing about these devices is that they come with two strong magnets on the inner side, which makes it easy for you to attach the GPS tracker on your bike and other metal things. The tracker also supports text data from your android phone, which helps you to hear the voices at once.

GPS is essential when it comes to recovering lost devices and also to navigate as you ride to find your way. The good thing about this system is that it works even when you are off-net. All you need is to download the maps, and you are good to go. But, what if you use a tracker using your android phone? Here is how you can do so.

To begin, go to your android phone’s settings,’ tap on the ‘lock screen’, and then go to ‘security.’ After that, click on ‘other security settings’; however, this particular step is not mandatory, depending on the phone that you are using. After that, click on ‘Device admin apps,’ but some phones call it ‘device administrators.’ Once you tap on that, tap on ‘Find my device.’ Once you tap on that, it is now time to tap on ‘activate.’

It is good to note that for you to access the service, you must allow four consents, which are the ability to delete data, allow the change to screen password, ability to lock the phone’s screen, and lastly, turn off every function on the device’s lock screen. Once you enable all these, it is now time to launch your browser, go to ‘find my device,’ and sign in to your personal Google account.

After logging into your account, click on the device you need to locate and tap on the ‘locate’ button. Once you do that, you will see the device’s last location and how many hours, days, or minutes have passed since it was last seen. 

In short, using GPS on an android phone is that easy. After you set up the device, attach the device to the motorbike, and you are all set.

Always make sure that someone else is not tracking your motorbike because he may have some selfish reasons. If you need to know if your motorbike is being tracked, some of the best tips on how to find a GPS tracker on your vehicle or motorcycle is to check the inner and outer parts and also to get a professional if you are unable to find any, to be sure.  

With the above information on how to use the tracker on your motorbike, I believe you can now enjoy the benefits that come with it. 

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