How Does GPS Work? How it Helps to Navigate a Motorcycle?

Using a smartphone when on a bike is not always easy, especially during harsh weather conditions. That is why many bikers choose to get navigation systems that are specially designed for motorcycles. Unlike when riding a car, motorcycles are prone to vibrations due to the engine. That is why these units are built strong enough to withstand the vibrations so that they can work reliably and accurately. But, how does GPS work? If you have been pondering that question, read on!

What is GPS?

Before we know how GPS works, let us first understand what it is in the first place. GPS is crucial when it comes to worldwide graphing as well as direction-finding. The system is important in pinpointing your location from anywhere in the world and also getting the exact time at a given location.

How does GPS navigation work on a motorcycle?

A motorcycle GPS system, just like a motorcycle one uses satellites situated in different parts of the world to tell the route or a location. These satellites are the ones that share information to find your spec location. The satellites send coordinates that help determine the bike’s exact location, which in turn helps you in finding your way. But, how does GPS coordinates work? Well, they work with the use of satellites, known as GPS satellites that are situated at different locations above the earth with great precision. These coordinates work by using radio waves that are low-powered, and they get or sends signals to the satellites to determine your bike’s location with great accuracy. As such you can navigate your motorbike accurately since you have the right information.

How GPS helps in navigating a motorcycle

It has maps

GPS systems that specifically made for motorcycles come with maps that you can easily update by simply connecting to your PC and get the latest version. With the device, you can easily access a live map, but that is disadvantageous since once you lose the signal, you may lose the map as well. But with a smartphone, you can update the map when on the bike. However, with a GPS for a motorcycle, you have nothing to worry about.

Real information on the road

When riding, it may not be easy to know everything happening on the road. With the GPS you are less likely to get stuck in traffic, you will be able to navigate your way to the better route for faster and safe riding experience.

You can navigate easily

GPS units come with various features that make riding easier. Most of these gadgets are durable and able to work on various weather conditions. They are also compatible with Bluetooth and also come with other features that make riding a fun endeavor.

Screens that is easy to operate with gloves on

While it is impossible to touch on a smartphone with gloves, GPS units for motorcycle screens respond effectively to the touch, even when you have gloves on. This means that you do not have to remove the gloves whenever you need to use the device as this may create a distraction.  

Voice navigation

With GPS, navigation is made even easier with voice navigation. While it is not easy to look at the navigating system as you ride, Bluetooth found on the motorcycle GPS makes it possible for you to hear instructions via your helmet.


Does GPS work underwater?

Ans. Arguably, GPS does not work underwater, because its signals are not able to penetrate into water. However, in recent years, there are times when it does work in water, but only if you have an antenna that you can rise above to the right atmosphere. Without such an antenna, the satellite may be unable to receive signals.

Do GPS work everywhere?

Ans- Some environmental factors can affect the signal accuracy. Also, several elements can easily affect the radio wave. Do GPS work everywhere? At the time it’s a bit tricky. For example, valleys are not friendly to the signals since rocks are very thick and can block or reflect the signal before it reaches the satellite. Also, going underground may mean no signal and so that means that GPS works only when you are at a place where there is a signal.


Just like other wireless gadgets, GPS systems can work or fail. Also, several factors affect the results. Therefore, the main work here is, “the right conditions”. As long as you are in place with the right conditions, the GPS is very accurate!

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