How Often To Lube Motorcycle Chain

While a motorcycle is made up of various parts, the chain is among the very crucial ones since it is the one that determines how smooth the ride will be. A bike chain is always moving and on top of that, it is located on the outer side, which means it is in direct contact with dust and water. 

Since it is exposed to many elements that pose danger to it, proper lubrication is the only thing that can help in keeping it in the right condition. The right lubrication makes sure that the bike operates well and keeps it safe from harsh weather and other elements that may cause additional wear. If you have been thinking of how often to lube motorcycle chain, then you are in the right place. Read on!

Weather matters a lot

The weather condition of the area you live in greatly determines how you need to lube the chain. For example, if you live in a salty close to the sea, the soil is most likely to get salty if it rains a lot. In such a case, you need to lube your chain frequently, every fuel tank change if you want the chain to last long. Also, if you like riding on hazardous grounds like off-road terrains, frequent lubing is needed. 

Do you love riding in dry weather or smooth roads away from the salty sea breeze? In such a case, lubing the bike chain after every two tanks your chain is on the safer side. Also, depending on the oil type that you prefer, it may greatly determine whether you need more or less frequent lubing. With time, you will get a routine depending on the oil you use.

Do you ride regularly?

If you love riding regularly, several times a week, the bike’s chain needs to be cleaned and lubricated regularly. Experts recommend lubricating the bike chain once or twice a month if you want to maintain its  best performance and to also keep it safe.

Take care of the chain after every use

You need to lube the motorbike chain after every 300 to 600 miles. Also, it is good to lube the bike after riding, and not before, especially if riding in harsh conditions like dirty terrains, riding on the rain, or mountainous grounds. When you lube the bike after the ride allows any solvent in the spray to evaporate before you ride again. Also, the lube can penetrate the chain as required.

Whenever the bikes chains need the lube

During dry weather, dust tends to build upon the chain and when it rains, water splashes into the chain. These two instances mean that you need to regularly lube the chain to keep it lubricated as mostly water splashes off oil, leaving the chain dry. The bottom line is, even if you don’t look at the weather, just keep watching the chain and each time you see or feel that the bike needs lubrication, just do it. Also, if you notice that the chain is becoming dry, making irritating sounds when moving, you need to immediately lube it. Besides, even if you lube it daily, that will never harm the chain, but if you fail, the chain might wear off due to the friction.


There you have it. Whatever you give a bike, you will get it back. If you lube it frequently, the chain will remain in the right working condition, and you are less likely to face any problems when on the road. As long as you get the right lube, the chain will lubricate effectively and you will be good to go. 

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