When To Replace Motorcycle Chain [Secrets Revealed]

Motorcycle chain maintenance is something that very motorbike owners should learn. The reason is that if you don’t have a functional and well-maintained bike, you will never enjoy riding. Besides, chains are a crucial part of the bike’s components. They are the ones that transfer power from the bike’s engine to the wheels. However, they are prone to wearing out with time, and they may need replacement. However, replacing the chains is not always the solution. Some simple repairs may rectify the problem and hit the road safely. That is why the blog will help you decide when to replace motorcycle chain.

How often should I replace the bike’s chain?

In most cases, if the bike’s chain is well maintained, it can survive twenty thousand to 30 thousand miles or  even more. However, depending on how you maintain the chain, some can last for as little as five thousand to 10 thousand. The type of chain, the terrain of where you ride the bike, as well as the model causes the difference. 

Signs showing the need to replace the chain

Chain inspection is crucial. It needs to be part of your daily routine before hitting the road. Vehicle drivers never ride without first checking on the tire pressure and oil, thus, chains are equally important. The following are signs that signal the need for chain replacement.


If your chain is not properly lubed, rust can easily accumulate on the chain. Noticing small rust on the chain does not mean that you need to replace the chain. At times by just cleaning the chain and lubing it well works. However, if the rust causes the pins and rollers to rust, the seals may be bad. Maybe this is the time to replace the chain for a safer ride.

Bends or kinks

Links can stick on the chain causing twists. If a chain is bent, it points out a weak point where chain seals are unable to keep dust or dirt far from the pins. Such a weak point may lead to breaking, which in turn leads to more wear on the chain teeth.


Chains that are in the right condition make no or very little noise. They are usually smooth and not clunky. If you notice that the chain is making noise when on the bike, that is something that needs your attention. Once you clean and lubricate the chain and the noise does not go away, then replacement is what you need.


While stretching of a bike chain is normal at times, but it stretches very far, links can get weak. When the bike is running, it does not stretch the chain so hard to the extent of stretching the metal. If it stretches a lot, holes, where links come together, may wear and become larger and the chain seems overstretched. If you find it hard to adjust the chain to the right tension, you need replacement.

Sharp teeth

Carefully check the bike’s projection all around. If the chain’s teeth are so sharp, it means that the chain will not work well on the bike. Also, if you notice some damaged teeth or broken ones, you must replace the chain for better safety. Remember that teeth made of steel are better than those made of alloy. The reason is that alloy ones tend to wear faster.

While replacing a chain is not always a must after a small chain problem, there are times that you need a replacement. That is why you need to know when to repair the chain and when to replace it. However, with the above information on when to replace a motorcycle chain, you will surely get the best riding experience. 

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