The Ultimate Guide To How To Start A Motorcycle Club

A motorcycle club is the best way to share your love for motorbike riding with like-minded riders. Clubs also add a sense of adventure to your riding life. However, you need to understand that as the founder of the club, you are responsible for everything. Your role ranges from key decision making to recruiting members and organizing club activities. Also, you need to know that things have changed to start a club is not as easy. To make sure you are on the safer side of the law, read the following guide on. Enjoy the read!

Think of the purpose or theme of the club

To start, you need to be clear about why you need the club. Is it for the love of bikes or is it for bonding with friends? What do you hope to accomplish with the club? Such questions will help in guiding you when forming the club.

Will the club accepts all bikes or allow a specific bike brand?

Decide whether the club will be for all models or specific ones. Some clubs are purposely for a certain brand. But, no rule forces you to do as well since you have the freedom to decide. When it comes to that, it goes down to your wishes. However, starting a club for all bike owners gives room to enjoy riding with all riders.

Create an outstanding name for your club

Now that you have the reasons for the club, what is the name represents it? You can choose a name that expresses your purpose, image or philosophy. Also, you can name it according to your area of residence. It’s all up to you since uniqueness is all that matters!

What about the clubs mission statement?

For the club to stand out, you need to create a mission statement. If you live in a developed city, then it’s obvious there are other clubs around. That is why you need to pass a clear and sensible message. Writing down what came to mind when you were thinking of starting the club is ideal. 

Create a club logo with visuals representing the club 

Try to get creative when thinking of the best logo. Get a logo with colors that go well with your clubs mission and vision. If you are not good at graphic design, hiring a professional could be the best way to do so. Besides, you want a quality and unique logo right?

Legalize the club

It’s now time to think of legalizing the club by registering it. The best way is to register it as an organization that is not meant for making profit in the state you live in. making a club legal is very easy. You only need to fill in some papers, submit a business plan, provide committee member’s names, and all is done. Once they grant your request, the club now qualifies for accountability insurance and tax immunity. Also, you can benefit from license solicitation and many more legal benefits. 

Recruit members now

Now that the club is legally recognized, you can now recruit members. As you recruit them, it is good to leave the first vacancies to family and friends. To get members fast, create registration forms to have people fill in for registration. Make sure the forms include crucial information like age, occupation, bike model, and the address.

Form a good meeting place

Maybe the first meeting will be in your home or a restaurant. Once you meet, you can now agree on the ideal place. Alternatively, as the club expands, you may think of buying or leasing a place to the official clubhouse. In the clubhouse, you may meet with the members and have thrilling moments together. You can also plan fundraisers as a way of giving back to the community. Besides, community building is what most motorbike clubs do. By doing so, you can even get sponsorship from your favorite bike stores.


Starting a bike club is not as hard. Just follow the above tips and you will have a fun and successful club sooner than you expect.

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