How to Make a GPS Tracker at Home for Your Motorcycle?

With today’s advancement in technology, we cannot imagine a life without the use of GPS. While GPS is crucial when it comes to keeping track of family and pets, it has become of significant advantage in the motorcycle and vehicle’s world. Even if the technology used in these devices is a bit sophisticated, that does not mean you cannot make your tracker. If thinking of how to make a GPS tracker at home for your motorcycle, you are in the right place. All you need is an internet-accessible cell phone to make sure you can send or receive a signal from a GPS satellite. 

Satellites use when it comes to navigation is very popular among motorbike owners. Statistics show that the use of GPS has grown with a GPS unit’s sales rising from 1.9 million in 2005 to 7.4 million by 2010. Considering how fast people are embracing technology, today, the numbers are even higher. The article seeks to guide you on how to make a GPS tracking device.

Motorcycle GPS working principles

The system works when the user puts a GPS receiver in a motorbike, which connects to a usual cell phone. After one installs both devices, every location of the bike is transmitted via a satellite. This means as long as you have the unit, you can run it in the comfort of your home. Whether wanting to learn how to make a GPS tracker from a cell phone or how to make a GPS tracker app, you will benefit by reading on for more!

Step: Get a cellphone

The first step is taking a cell phone that can access the internet. As long as you have a phone, you are not limited to any service provider since there are many. Just choose the one offering better data plan, like unlimited data subscription. As long as you have enough data, your GPS will remain active for long without incurring an additional cost.

Step 2: Get a GPS program

There are numerous free programs that you can download. Such apps are very easy to use, offering a simple feed from the satellites to the cellphone. These programs are functional and will deliver to your expectations. Some of the best to use Buddy-Way and Insta-mapper.

Step 3: Register for the program that you wish to use

After deciding on the right program, it’s now time to register. The majority of the programs use Google Maps, and so their functions and interphase are very familiar. To register, you only need to provide your name, create a password, and email address, and a mobile number. After that, click on submit, and you are all set.      

Step 4: Downloading and program installation

Once you register, you can choose to download the GPS software form a text message or an email that will be sent to you. Whichever way you want, at this point, you will need to use the internet connection on your phone and use the URL offered to get the program. After installation, restart your phone.

Step 5: log in to the software

Move to the website you used to register and log-in. After that, you will see the phone that you configured on the map, appearing as a red dot and your username beside it. You can now use the data to get all the benefits that come with a GPS unit. You are now able to track the phone anywhere provided the cellphone is on, and there are signals.

Step 6: track your motorbike

Now that you have a GPS, you can now install it on your bike to be able to track its movement. You will also be able to use the phone to navigate while on the go where you can get directions and locations with ease. 

There you have it! Making a GPS at home is that simple. Besides, why should you spend a lot of money on a unit that you can comfortably make at home? GPS is a profitable investment that reduces the risks of theft or getting lost in a strange land. It also reduces transportation costs since you will find yourself covering the shorter distances as the unit can lead you in the right direction. To get the most out of this unit, follow the above tips on how to make a GPS tracker and you are good to go!    

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