Top Harley Davidson Radio – Best Replacement for Your H-D

Wondering which radio to get as a replacement for your Harley Davidson’s original? Here, we have compiled a list of top-selling Harley Davidson radio models to help you get the best replacement for your bike’s equipment.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our assortment of Harley Davidson radios and choose the model to suit your motorcycle. Pick the correct size, voltage or color that matches your bike.

Best Overall (Bluetooth) – Aquatic AV MP5 or Jensen HD1BT

Premium Choice – Aquatic MP-5UBT-H or Aquatic MP-5UBT-HS

Best Radio for Harley Handlebar – Kuryakyn 2720 MTX

Full Digital Media & Radio for Harley – RF Stage-2  or RF Stage-3 or RF Stage-1

Best Radio for Harley Fairing – Hoppe Quadzilla

Radio Replacement Interface for Harley – PAC HDK001X

Installation Kit (Only) for Harley – Metra 99-9600

Do Harleys Have Radios In-built?

Harley Davidson motorcycles come with an in-built radio that can play any music. They provide entertainment during long drives. So, your bike’s original equipment would include a CD player along with speakers and a power source.

However, with time, CD players can wear out and require replacement. Plus, you might want to upgrade your music system by adding a Bluetooth-enabled sound unit or even plugging in an MP3 player or phone. In such cases, Harley Davidson radios become the most sought-after accessory for your bike.

What is a GTS Radio?

GTS radio is a product line launched by Stereo Conversion Corporation specializing in manufacturing aftermarket Harley Davidson radios. They offer models with the same technology as your mobile devices but at much lower prices.

A GTS radio or GPS touchscreen system is a high-end product that allows you to wirelessly sync your phone’s music library with your motorcycle’s sound system. It has a widescreen and touchscreen controls for easy operation.

More so, the Bluetooth connectivity of these units helps you connect your phone easily and play music over loudspeakers while riding. You can also answer phone calls or change tracks on the fly using the touchscreen without taking your hands off the handlebars.

Best GTS Harley Davidson Radios

Water Repellency of Harley Radios

One of the most important features to look for when choosing Harley Davidson radios is its water repellency. Harley Davidson produces water-resistant sound equipment. However, while most models of GTS radios are entirely waterproof, some tend to get soaked in the rain or splashed with water during riding. This is unlike the original Harley Davidson radio equipment that may break down with moisture or water damage.

While costlier models are designed to resist moisture, cheaper ones might not be effective in wet conditions. So, when you go in for a replacement system, make sure you choose a waterproof one.

What to Do if the Harley Radio Gets Wet Accidentally?

Do not panic if you are riding in heavy rains or your Harley Davidson radio has been drenched in water. Here are some steps to follow to treat your unit post-accident:

  • Switch it off immediately. This is important because water tends to short-circuit the electrical system or damage it permanently.
  • Once you switch off the radio, unplug all connecting cables and wires from it to avoid power surges and further damage.
  • Drain as much water as possible out of the unit to avoid any other damage.
  • If you cannot draw all the water out of the unit, use a hairdryer to blow it out completely. Make sure you do this gently and take care not to overheat the system.
  • Let your Harley Davidson radio dry slowly by keeping it in a cool and airy place.
  • Once all the moisture has been dried, start replacing cables and wires one by one carefully after checking for any damage.
  • Finally, turn on your Harley Davidson radio and check if it is functioning properly. If it’s working fine, you can start riding again.

What’s the Harley Davidson Plug and Play Radio?

Harley Davidson Plug and Play Radio is a complete audio system that comprises a Harley Davidson radio, speakers, and an amplifier. This audio system comes with all the necessary mounting brackets and hardware for a hassle-free installation. This product is a perfect fit for you in case you want to upgrade the factory sound systems.

Do Different Harley Models Need Different Radios?

Harley Davidson has a wide range of models with various features. Hence, their audio systems also vary according to the model you choose.

Hence, each Harley Davidson radio will fit into a specific motorcycle, and not all units can be utilized for all models. You need to check your bike’s make and model before purchasing an aftermarket Harley Davidson radio.

Flashing Your Own Harley Radio

If you want to upgrade your Harley Davidson radio, you can also flash it yourself instead of choosing an aftermarket unit. Flashing is a process that allows you to change the factory settings of a sound system and improve its performance or add advanced features.

To flash your Harley Davidson radio, you must have basic knowledge of motorcycles and audio systems.

How Do I Know if My Harley Radio Has Been Flashed?

The best way to find out if your sound system has been flashed or changed is by checking the Harley Davidson ID numbers on it. If the numbers are different, there have been some changes in its software and hardware settings. The newer configuration will provide you with better features than it came with when you bought it new earlier.

However, if your Harley Davidson radio has been flashed and you don’t like the new settings, you can revert to its original factory settings by flashing it again. Flashing is a reversible process and does not affect the hardware of the unit in any way.

Easy Way to Make Your Harley Radio Louder

Harley Davidson radios are quite loud, to begin with, but they can get even louder. You can purchase an amplifier kit and install it according to the instructions provided in its manual. Amplifiers boost up sound signals, which makes them louder.

The Harley Davidson radio will produce a better sound quality when it receives stronger signals from the amplifier. This enhances your riding experience, and you can turn up the volume of your Harley Davidson radio even at higher speeds.

Easy Installation – Replacing Harley Radio with a New One

Replacing your Harley Davidson radio with a new one is easier than you think. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure that your motorcycle’s ignition has been switched off and disconnected from its battery to avoid damage due to power surges.
  2. Detach all the cables connecting the radio to its amplifier.
  3. Remove screws from the dashboard and pull out the old radio with care.
  4. Insert the new Harley Davidson radio into your dashboard and secure it in place with the screws you removed earlier.
  5. Reconnect all the cables like power supply, antenna, speakers etc., to the new radio.
  6. Switch on your Harley Davidson motorcycle and test whether everything is working properly or not.

Final Thoughts

There is a wide range of products available in the market to upgrade your Harley Davidson Radio. You can choose which suits you best according to the make and model of your motorcycle.

Even if you are not familiar with the technicalities of Harley Davidson radios, it is possible to install your preferred unit quite easily. Just follow the above-mentioned simple steps.

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