How Old to Ride a Motorcycle?

Driving a motorcycle is a unique experience everyone must experience at least once in a lifetime. It feels like flying, and for a moment, you forget everything that’s bothering you, falling in love with the way air caresses you while the motorcycle is going across the wind. All the senses come alive, and you get free from the gravity that’s holding you down. It’s incredible, though not everybody can legally drive a motorbike, as it requires reaching a certain age. But how old to ride a motorcycle? Keep reading for a comprehensive answer.

What is the right age to start riding a motorcycle?

The answer to this question depends upon numerous factors like where you live, the driving rules in your state or country, etc. Chances are, most of the current riders state that they have learned to drive a motorcycle from a very young age. Perhaps sitting on the motorcycle tank, holding the handles of the bike, and riding it with the assistance of the person sitting on the backside, probably father, elder brother, uncle, or sister. 

What is the legal age to ride a motorcycle?

Many countries have strict codified laws regarding driving license and rules. The laws state that young children riding a motorcycle on public highways is strictly prohibited for their protection. You should be at least 16-20 years to drive motorcycles on public roadways. Some states also have age restrictions where you require to wear a helmet up to a certain age, whether you are a rider or passenger. 

What age can I get a driving license for motorcycle?

Getting a driving license is a challenging task, and even though you are a pro rider who knew all the driving rules from a very young age, you should need to get a driving license to avoid any legal troubles while riding. The driving license requires the operators should be at least 15 years, 6 months to 16 years old. Learners can be 14 years old, and the whole learning process should be under the supervision of licensed bikers above 19 years old. The maximum engine size of a 14 years old rider should not exceed 50cc. 

Precautions you should take while riding a motorcycle no matter what age you are:

Never forget to wear a helmet while riding. Do not forget to take your driving license with you to avoid traffic litigation. Do not drive on highways if you are underage, and make sure you always have an elder to advise you while riding.


As long as you can keep the motorcycle upright and ride the bike without causing any trouble to others, you can ride a motorbike without any problem. But as soon as you are at a legal age, make sure to get a driving license.

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