What Happens If You Get Caught Without a Motorcycle License?

Riding a motorcycle is an adventure, and every time a person touches the bike handle, he forgets everything about him due to the adrenaline boost. According to the National road transport safety survey, many teenagers drive high power engine motorcycles without having a certified driving license. There are several conditions you need to fulfill to obtain a motorcycle license. Most people do not like to follow the strict rules and keep riding a motorcycle with no license. What happens if you get caught without a motorcycle license? Find out here:

Consequences of riding a motorcycle without a license:

You need to be at least over 18 years old to get a motorcycle license in many states. Many young people get annoyed due to this fact and start riding a motorcycle from a young age. They start going on bike races, driving on busy roads and highways. The real trouble begins when you get caught by traffic police. According to the motor vehicle laws, the first thing traffic police ask you is where your license is? 

No license? Let’s talk about the punishment:

In some cases, the traffic police quickly take a look at the motorcycle papers and fine you for driving a bike without a proper license. In general, if you are operating a two-wheeler with the engine powered more than 50cc, you require to own a driver’s license.

Criminal offenses and jail:

Under some state laws, it is a criminal second-degree misdemeanor if you are riding a two-wheeler without an endorsement, where you may face a fine up to $1000, six months probation, and even sixty days in the country jail. You will be able to apply for a motorcycle license before the court hearing, and if you have a clean driving record, the fine charges might get dismissed. But you still need to spend several hundred dollars to get out of trouble. 

Age permit and getting a license:

To get a motorcycle license, you need to be at least 16-18 years old. The minimum age requirement is 15-16 years in many states. To get a driving license, you need to go through a driving test under a professional DMV supervision and pass a written motorcycle test. 


The penalties and punishment for driving a bike without a license differ depending on the states’ traffic laws. We hope you got a clear idea of what happens if you get caught without a motorcycle license, and if it happened to you previously, you got your license. Don’t forget some penalties range from huge fines to jail time for several months. 

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