How to Tint Motorcycle Visors?

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exciting things to open up the wings of our soul. The most critical equipment of safety gear that you are riding on a motorcycle is a helmet. According to a national survey, it is estimated that motorcycle helmets saved approximately 85% of fatal injuries happening when they had an accident. Your state laws may or may not tell you to wear a helmet, but we suggest you must wear a helmet while riding. The visor is a movable part of the helmet covering the face, and a tinted one offers additional safety and comfort. But how to tint motorcycle visor, and can you do it yourself? Keep reading for detail…

Process – how to tint motorcycle visor?

Most of the motorcycle helmet brands manufacture the visor with different transparent colors. If you are planning to change your visor’s color using tint, it’s a good decision. Here is a detailed process on how should you proceed:

Tools you need:

  • Tint 
  • squeegee
  • Hairdryer
  • scissors


  1. First, clean off your visor to remove any dirt and debris formed on it. Use a cleaning solution or spray and wipe out the dirt particles on the outside of the visor.
  2. You can purchase a sheet of tints from Amazon or eBay. Measure the tint according to the size of your helmet visor. 
  3. Apply the tint on the visor. Heat the tint to melt it a bit so that it gets on to the visor.
  4. Now smoothen all the air bubbles formed in between the visor and tint. Look from the inside and press out all the bubbles. 
  5. You can also use a hairdryer to take out the bubbles
  6. Cut out the extras and trim down the excess tint using scissors. 
  7. Cut a hole for the placement of zip ties.
  8. After performing all, put the visor back inside the helmet and ensure it’s well secured in the proper place.

Use Tint spray:

Tint spray is the easiest way to tint the visor. You can paint the visor with tint spray. Apply an even coat of tint spray holding the can 10-12 inches away from the visor surface. Allow the spray to get dry for 2-3 hours, and you can apply a second coat if you feel it’s necessary. 


We think this process about How to tint motorcycle visors will help you good the next time you plan to add tint to your visor. Many people like to change the color of the visor so that they love cool while riding. Also, the black tint reflects the sunlight and keeps your eyes safe for harsh rays.

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