How To Wear Hair Under Motorcycle Helmet

While everyone loves riding, but we all love to keep our hair safe and away from our faces when on the bike. As a result, many people, especially men with long hair and women, try to get the right hairstyle that will make them comfortable when riding. Besides, it is dangerous to ride with the hair blocking your view since it’s one of the things driving women crazy when on the road. The hair is just so irritating! Sometimes, even the smallest issue can take you from your comfort zone. To make sure that your hair does not get in the way, here is a guide on how to wear hair under motorcycle helmet.


Many people love riding with braids since they keep the hair intact, reducing the chances of the wind flipping it around. A single or several braids at the center of your head will fit well in the helmet. Also, you can choose to leave the braid to hang on the back, which is not only fashionable but also very comfortable.


A ponytail works excellent in keeping the hair out of your face and looks very good. The good thing about the ponytail is that it is feminine and is also very kind to the hair while on the road. With such a style, you will end up enjoying the thrill that comes with riding, without having to worry about the hair. 


A bun is an ideal hairstyle for any biker. You can choose to do a sock bun, low buns, as well as ballerina buns. While it takes time to master the style, with the time, you will find yourself getting perfect. With this style, you will comfortably wear and remove your helmet without messing with your hair.

Straight hair

Some people love riding with straight hair. Just hold your hair together, and fold them at the back using a band, that’s all you need to do. The method is so easy to do for everyone.

Headscarves or wraps

The hairstyle is a good one. Other than keeping your hair free from hair loss, scarves can hide bad hairstyles. A scarf absorbs the friction that may damage your hair. All you need is to pull your hair on one side and wrap it with a scarf. You can even choose to leave some hair and wrap the rest.

Pilling the hair on top

Having your hair piled on top is another great way to wear the helmet. Using a ponytail band, hold the hair up to your shoulder and hold them together and put on your bike helmet. The style is good for the hair since it does not damage it in any way. To get the hair back to its original form after removing the helmet, all you need is to pass the fingers, and you are good to go. 

Long to be blown off when on the road

Some people love riding with long hair being blown over by the wind. To quickly get the trick right, try using big hair rollers when the hair is wet to make them straighter. Once the hair dries, take a spray that adds volume to keep the hair flattened. The spray also adds to the hair’s depth. As you wear a helmet, you will experience the thrill of having the hair blown away by the wind, without disturbing your ride.

Shave the hair to make it short

Short hair is among the coolest styles, especially if you are a bike enthusiast. Instead of having to deal with hair while on the road, you can choose to cut it short. Besides, some of the coolest people in Hollywood movies shave their hair.

There you have it! If you have been wondering how to wear your hair with a helmet, I believe we have now answered your questions.

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