Things You Need to Know About Where To Put Motorcycle Helmet

If you are a beginner motorcycle rider, then you will agree with me on the confusion that comes when you think of where to put a motorcycle helmet when not in use. I was so afraid of placing it to a place where I will end up regretting later. 

It is essential to put your helmet well to make sure it keeps your head safe at all times. Moreover, the helmet should retain its features so that it keeps working as required. Failure to keep it properly may affect its overall performance. Read on for more!

Soft helmet bag

A soft cloth or cushioned bag makes an ideal helmet bag. Such a bag makes it easier to access the helmet and is very convenient for hanging in the closet. With this bag, you won’t use a lot of space in your closet. Also, if going somewhere, you can easily carry the bag and also offers an extra room for glasses and gloves.

Racks or helmet hooks

With a rack or a hook, you can easily store over one helmet. Another great thing with hooks is that you can easily leave the helmet and go. Also, your helmet can breathe if not in use. The hooks and the racks come with basic set-ups where you can easily fasten them to the wall, and you are good to go.

Helmet bay

A helmet bay is big enough to enable you to put other gears like the gloves and glasses. Some of them come with built-in racks where you can easily hang your jacket or reflective vests. You can get a single or double helmet bays depending on your needs. If you would love to store more gears, there are larger ones that hold several helmets separately.

Helmet shelf

Talking of helmet shelves, you can decide to get a wall shelf or a free-standing one. Both types are effective and safe to store your motor gear. Freestanding is excellent since you don’t have to support it and takes less than ten minutes to put it up. The shelves are durable and can carry multiple helmets, including other gears. 

A storage cabinet for helmets

Using a cabinet to store the helmet is excellent since it does not only keep your room organized but also keeps the gear safe from dust and other scratches. It makes sure that the gear is out of sight, and you can only get to it when you need to use it. It also works better when storing bike goggles and gloves.

A cabinet is also great if you intend to put the helmet there for several months. The reason is that it adequately protects the gear, making sure that no dust or insects can get into the gear. With a cabinet, your helmet will remain in good condition for the next ride.

Where should you never put your helmet?

While there are various ways to store a helmet, you should never hang it on a nail. The reason is that a nail can damage the helmet’s inner lining, which can affect its overall performance. Also, you should never place it on the ground. Some animals or insects can get into the helmet, damage it, or even get to you as you ride and cause an accident. 

The motorcycle helmet does not come cheap. That is why you need to make sure they serve you for long to get the best value for your money. Besides, no one wishes to buy a new helmet on an annual basis as that is economically wrong. By keeping your helmet well, you will be saving money in your pocket for better use. With the methods mentioned earlier, I am sure you are now a guru when it comes to helmet’s storage.

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