Motorcycle insurance vs Car insurance

No matter what you drive, whether it is a car or motorcycle, you need to get insurance to avoid the risks of severe accidents. Driving a car or motorcycle comes with both fun and dangers. Getting vehicle insurance protects you from sudden accident bills, vehicle repair prices, and covers all kinds of damages. Even though motorcycles have higher chances of getting involved in road accidents, you should know that car insurance is higher in numbers since more cars are running on roads. Here are the important points you need to note on the point of discussion – motorcycle insurance vs car insurance.

What costs more? 

Motorcycle insurance costs a lot less than car insurance because motorcycles don’t cost a car. The repair costs of a motorcycle are much cheaper than cars and can be easily replaced in case of any accidents. 

Factors that affect insurance cost?

There are numerous things that insurance companies check before providing your vehicle with suitable insurance. Insurance companies consider how you maintain vehicles such a mileage, customizations, model, year of purchase, and many other things to get you the right coverage on your motorcycle or car.

What is easier to find?

If you are searching for insurance, you will find more car insurance dealers than motorcycle insurance providers. There are fewer options when it comes to motorcycle insurance. Car insurance providers have more customer base every year than motorcycle insurers. Also, motorcycles are less protected than cars, which results in an increased risk of expensive repairs. 

What is the minimum requirements for Motorcycle insurance vs Car insurance?

The minimum requirement for a car and motorcycle depends upon the state you are living in. But here are some basic things required for insurance coverage:

  • Liability
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury protection
  • Driver license;

Motorcycle vs Car Insurance: Core Comparison

Car insurance costs double that motorcycle insurance. Many factors impact the difference between car insurance and vehicle insurance. For example, if car insurance is $1400 per year, motorcycle insurance costs you just $500 per year. This is not because motorcycles cost less than cars, but more cars are running on the road than motorcycles. Also, cars have higher MSRP value, and each part costs several hundred dollars if it is damaged in an accident. Repairing a car is more experience to replace or repair in comparison to the motorcycle. 


People always worry that motorcycle insurance costs more expensive than car insurance because riding a motorcycle involves many risks. The thought process makes sense, but in reality, car insurance costs higher than a motorcycle. However, moto or auto, whatever it is, it is always better to pay your insurance every year to get good benefits in unfortunate events.

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