Why won’t my motorcycle start?

Isn’t it frustrating when you have to go somewhere, but your motorcycle refused to start? It is a very annoying and familiar moment that every motorcycle owner faces many times in a lifetime. Whether professional or new rider, we have to agree that our motorcycles sometimes behave weirdly like not starting, although they have simple mechanisms. What may be the culprit that is keeping the machine from firing up? Here are the reasons why won’t my motorcycle start:

Dead Battery

It is one of the most familiar reasons which is causing trouble. A dead battery might result from a poor quality battery, heat up of engine, issues with airflow, and problems with voltage. Depending on the battery power, you can keep turning on the key and turn the blinker slowly to bring back the battery life.

Blown Fuses

Fuses are an important part of the motorcycle that creates a spark to turn on the engine. If the fuses get blown, your motorcycle might get a problem in the ignition and do not turn on.  Diagnosing this problem is pretty easy because you can hear an engine’s sound starting normally, but the motorcycle kept quite all the time.

Dirty Carburetor

If dirt and debris get to build up in the carburetor’s fuel system, it creates a blockage in fuel passage. You may not notice any changes at first, but the deposits get increased and block out the fuel when times go by. If the carburetor is too small, it can cause double trouble. 

Too Cold

Everyone knows that motorcycles face heavy problems during winter times because of the drop in temperatures. Due to the colder temperatures, gasoline does not evaporate completely and gets mixed with air, which stops the combustion process. If you tend to leave your motorcycle in colder conditions for a longer time, you will face it. 

Bad Starter

This condition is only applicable if your motorcycle is designed with an electric starter. A Bad starter is a common reason that stops motorcycle engine fire up. If you notice any strange sounds while starting your bike, a bad starter can be the main reason.

Clogged Injectors

A clogged fuel injector can stop the process of combustion. The fuel injectors get clogged regularly due to the buildup of wastage. In this case, your motorcycle attempts to turn on normally, but the combustion process doesn’t get started. You can manually inspect the fuel injectors, and if you find any dirt or clogged things, you can clean it or replace it with new ones.


Why won’t my motorcycle start? Multiple reasons are killing your motorcycle. Finding the right reason helps you to diagnose the problem and repair it by yourself.

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