How to carry extra fuel on a motorcycle?

Do you feel excited to chill out on a motorbike? I don’t know about you, but I do! Chilling out with your friends on motorcycles brings you lots of fun and excitement. But how to carry extra fuel on a motorcycle is a big question. Because we travel to unknown places that may or may not have gas stations available. It is equally important to carry extra fuel to keep your journey hassle-free. Let’s discuss the best ways that help you to carry extra fuel on your moto to reach the destination without any hurdles.

There are certain things that you should know before you think about the extra fuel-

  • Firstly, you should know the average fuel consumption of your motorcycle per mile. 
  • Estimate the size of your fuel tank and its capacity.
  • Get the knowledge of your traveling place and the availability of gas stations on your way. 
  • Finally, get the best container tank that suits your motorcycle model and place it in the right position.

How to carry extra fuel on a motorcycle?

A well-conditioned motorcycle is useless if it has no fuel. So, carrying extra fuel on your journey gives you extra support for your ride. However, there are many ways to carry these fuels. Depending on your motorcycle model, you have to choose the best tank that fits your vehicle. Also, make sure that the tank placed on your enduro doesn’t create any trouble or disturbance to your ride. The different types of fuel containers that help your journey are:

1.Stackable Liquid Cans:

There are stackable containers that you can easily mount on your motorcycles. These containers are strong enough to withstand all your journey and avoid leakages. 

2.Auxiliary Tanks:

We mostly see these auxiliary tanks fitting tightly to the vehicle itself. Thus, you need not check or worry about the fuel system throughout your journey.

3.Fuel Bottles:

It looks odd to carry containers on your motorcycle. These trendy fuel bottles add beauty to your two-wheeler and also allow you to store your fuel. Moreover, these are easy to place and adjust to your vehicle. 


You’ve got the straightforward answers above, with some best possible alternative ways. But among those, stackable cans and bottles are relatively easy to adjust on your bikes. The only thing is to select the capacity of the tank that you require for your vehicle. Fill the tanks occasionally whenever you use the fuel. Thus, make your journey memorable.

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