How to learn to ride a motorcycle without owning it?

Riding a motorbike brings you lots of fun and excitement. If you are a teenager, especially, your curiosity is limitless. Whenever you see your father and cousins riding motorcycles, you will show a sort of astonishment for little things. Everyone likes to practice first and purchase later when it comes to motorcycles. You will probably get wondered how to learn to ride a motorcycle without owning it!

Here are some alternative ways if you don’t own a moto but still want to ride it-

Be perfect during the practice time

If you are a perfect bicycle rider, you are almost halfway to become a perfect motorcycle rider. But you need to know that every professional rider does not start practicing with his motorcycle. Whether it’s your sibling’s motorcycle or parent’s motorcycle, everyone likes to hold the handles and control it.

Rent a motorcycle

If you don’t own a motorcycle, you can rent one for a couple of hours from a local rental store. If you are a beginner, you should not rent one with an engine higher than 50cc. 

Ask your family member’s help

It is a perfect decision to ask the help of your parents, siblings, or cousins who already own a motorcycle. You can take their motorcycle for some time or even ask them to stay with you when learning the basics. I learned to ride a motorcycle sitting in front of my father’s motorcycle while he was guiding me on how to do it. 

Ask your friends or neighbors

If your friends or neighbors own a motorcycle, then it’s perfect. You don’t have to overthink it. Call them up and ask them to help you.

Join a driving school

Last but not least, it is the best solution for all your problems. You can join a motorcycle driving school to get a motorcycle and professional teacher to guide you. It is a preferable thing to do because you can learn to ride without any trouble. 


We hope this article about learning to ride a motorcycle without owning it will help you. But always remember, if you want to learn anything, you need to hold four things: confidence, learning enthusiasm, skills, and persistence. Just be careful when you are riding a rent bike because damages done might empty your wallet quickly.

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