Air Filters, Intakes – Best for GMC Duramax V8 Diesel Engine

Duramax is very renowned for manufacturing powerful and reliable automotive engines. However, just like other engines, these are also prone to dust and dirt, affecting their performance. That’s why an air filter is crucial to make sure the engine is free from all dust and dirt. We have listed some of the best air filters for Duramax diesel engines in the table below to help you get the ideal one. And, other related discussions will enlighten you more about the topic. 

Why Need a Quality Air Filter for Duramax?

Protecting the engine

Installing an air filter means your vehicle’s engine will remain free from external damaging particles. Dust and other particles are kept at bay for a better-performing engine. 

Improves Engine Performance 

With a good air filter, you can maintain a steady air supply to the engine. Better air supply means better performance.


After installing an air filter to your engine, it is likely to work smoothly, and your engine will last longer.

Improved fuel efficiency

Air determines the car’s fuel efficiency. If it gets more air, it means it will end up consuming less fuel.

Different Types of Duramax Engine

Duramax LB7

The engine was invented in 2001 and was made superior to the previous model. It came as a GM Detroit diesel.


The engine is the Duramax second generation released in 2004. The engine uses an EGR valve to operate, also known as an exhaust gas circulation valve. 


The engine is famous for being able to meet stricter emission regulations. The engine emits fewer fumes, so it’s friendly to the surroundings.


The engine meets U.S EPA emission standards of 2007 since it incorporates low sulfur diesel fuel.


This Duramax engine incorporates an upgraded oil pump, block casting, and high and strong pistons connecting to the rods. It also has the main bearing design and an oil passage circuit.


Launched in 2011, the engine has outperformed others with its performance and fuel efficiency.

Best Selections – Air Filters for Duramax Diesel Engines

Best Filters for Duramax Diesel

For 2017-2019: K&N Engine HP

For 2011-2016: K&N Engine Premium

For 2001-2015: AC-Delco GM A3141C

For 1999-2019: K&N Engine 33-2129

Best Intake for Duramax Diesel

For 2014-2020: K&N Cold Air Intake

For 2011-2014: K&N HP Air Intake

For 2007-2010: K&N 57 FIPK Kit

For 2006-2007: Banks 42142 Air Intake

For 1999-2006: Superfast racing Heat Shield

Buying Considerations – Air Filters or Intakes for Duramax


Nothing is worse than buying an air filter, only to find out it’s not compatible with a Duramax engine. That’s why it’s crucial to check for compatibility before making a purchase. When buying an air filter, it’s good to consider the size of the filter. With the right size, the filter will fit well into your vehicle. Besides, filters are not designed for universal use, and every engine filter has a different dimension.

Build quality

When buying an engine air filter, check its build quality. Everyone needs a durable and reliable filter if what they want is to boost the engine’s performance. Most manufacturers use quality materials like aluminum to make sure the filter remains resilient to corrosion.

Fuel filter media

If you are worried about water contamination, some filters can help when it comes to that. To make sure the vehicle’s performance is at the pick, you need to choose the ideal filter media.

Micron level

What size of the particles would wish for the filter to hold? For example, a salt grain is 60 microns, while a dust mite is 20 microns. Also, fine sand is 250 microns, while a pollen grain amounts to 15 microns. When buying the filter, it’s good to go for filters holding 5 or fewer microns.

How to Change the Filter on a Duramax Diesel Engine?

Here is how one can do it-

  1. Park your vehicle in a ventilated area, open the hood, and then keep it secure with a rod;
  2. Find the air box;
  3. Remove the airbox cover by unscrewing the bolts holding it into position. Lift the cover; 
  4. Once you are done removing the cover, you can now locate the filter. Hold it firmly and remove it from the housing;
  5. After you remove the dirty filter, use an air hose to blow off the dust or particles lining around the filter box;
  6. Take the new and clean filter and place it on the filter housing;
  7. Reinstate the cover and tighten the screws;
  8. Double-check to make sure they are firm enough.

Are All Air Filters the Same?

No! They aren’t the same and come in two types. One for installation to help protect the engine, and the other one installed on the outer side of the cabin. Engine air filter hinders the external particles from getting to the engine while the cabin keeps dust particles and other allergens away. 

Cold Air Intake Filter Kits

Such kids are there to boost the engine’s horsepower and torque performance. The kits are meant to offer better flow rates, clean air, and in some cases, boost the air that aids in turbocharger systems.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

To know the frequency for changing an air filter, you need to check the filters manual when the filter needs replacement. The frequency is usually between twelve to fifteen thousand miles depending on the vehicle you own.

Is Cabin Air Filter No More Available?

Cabin filters are still available and are usually premium models or standard equipment. While some cars invent them as stand-alone items of a package, some luxury cars include over one cabin filter. The type and size of contaminant that the filter can trap will depend on its design.

Can You Put a Performance Air Filter on a Diesel Engine?

Yes, you can use a performance air filter on a Diesel engine, but you need to know Diesel needs more fuel for better performance, unlike other petrol ones. If you use petrol, you can use an induction kit that produces more BHP on a typical filter. Also, a foam filter or cotton gauge will filter more dust compared to a paper filter. 

Duramax vs. Cummins

Choosing between the two engines is challenging since they are both great-performing models. Both models have long been loved for their exceptional power and reliability. Both engines are suitable for the industry’s toughest trucks.

You can find Duramax engines on GMC and Chevrolet vehicles. The high horsepower and the torque can compete with Cummins engines. When it comes to durability, Duramax engines are renowned, and their quiet performance is extraordinary.

Similarly, Cummins engines are famous for super horsepower and total reliability. The engines are used on most tough work commercial trucks and work well in all conditions. Considering the two models, choosing between the two will depend on the truck type you wish to buy. 

Concluding Remarks

Every car owner understands how crucial an auto air filter is. It not only keeps the engine safe but also keeps it working well. Duramax diesel is among the reliable ones out there, and if you own one, you will know how crucial the filter is to its performance.  

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