How to Negotiate Buying a Harley Davidson?

Buying a Harley Davidson is very much like buying a new car. Harley’s discount starts at around $7,000 to fully load touring bikes that run upwards to $40 grand. And although certain Harley Dealers do accept trade-ins, trades ars often not part of the buying of motorcycles.

 So how can you get the best deal? Here are some tips-

#1. Choose your Harley style carefully before you begin to negotiate

Though we don’t know if he ever rode a Harley, the great baseball philosopher Yogi Berra said, “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going because you might not get there.”

 So choosing the right Harley for you is the first and more important thing.

#2. Do your research about what people are paying.

There are plenty of resources on the net for what people are paying for a new Harley. Don’t go to a dealer in the negotiation stage without knowing what you want to pay, and yes, the deal should include a profit for the dealer.

#3. Let them know you are willing to buy today

Armed with what you want to pay, go to a dealer, inform them about how much you expect to pay, and that if they can meet your price, you are ready to buy Today.

At the same time, keep shopping if you aren’t prepared to make an initial offer.

#4. Get serious

 You are familiar with the way it works. You make your offer, the salesman then goes to his sales manager, who makes a counteroffer much bigger than you expected to pay.

 Don’t freak out about it; it’s just the way the business works. This is how to negotiate a Harley Davidson price. Add a couple of hundred dollars more, and then stick to your guns. 

#5. Hold your ground

 Be prepared to walk if the dealership won’t negotiate. And if you do walk, don’t be surprised if you get a call a few days later with a new and better offer. 

 If it’s reasonable, accept it, but don’t talk about anything such as financing or a trade-in until you’ve got the price firmly locked in. 

#6. Hold your ground part 2

 Beware of this is your final choice, take it or leave it offers. If they provide it to you today, it’s unlikely they will reject the deal a week from now.

#7. Also know when to say yes

 If you feel you are being offered a price in your ballpark and the dealership is trying to work with you, take the offer and sleep in peace at night and ride in peace during the daytime. 

 This is how to negotiate a Harley Davidson price right.

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