4 Simple Steps on How to hotwire a motorcycle

While it is illegal to hotwire a motorcycle, some circumstances can force you to do so. For example, if you accidentally lose your bike keys or forget them somewhere far, you can always hotwire it. This method is not as simple as you may think, but provided you possess the right knowledge, it’s quite simple. Unlike hotwiring a car, to hotwire a motorbike you only need several tools to complete the task. To know how to hotwire a motorcycle, read on for more!

How a bike works

What makes a motorcycle run is an ignition. Once you insert the key on its respective hole, the engine is ignited, which in turn switches on the bike. With that in mind, to hotwire a motorcycle, all you need is to initiate the bikes motor a bit.

Tools needed

For the process to be complete, you need to get a speaker wire or any other conductive wire. If you don’t have such a wire with you, you can simply buy one from the nearby store. Make sure the wire is about 3 to 4 inches. This wire is the one that will act as a fake key to switch on the bike. 

Steps on the bike without to follow when hotwiring a motorcycle

Hotwiring is a common way when it comes to turning on the bike without its keys. The process involves just a few steps. As long as you observe what you are doing carefully, you will succeed. 

Step #1 Trace the wires

Go to the bike’s ignition system and then trace the wires. In most motorbikes, the wires come covered while others don’t. The best way to locate the wires is to use the bike’s handlebars. The wires are usually black, green, red or black.

Step #2 Confiscate the socket, usually made of plastic 

Once you identify the wires, you will see three wires going from the handlebars. The wires are covered as a single bunch of plastic socket. Make sure you find the socket and use your hands to separate these wires from the plastic socket.

You will notice the caps of two natures, one that comes from the cap and the other one that connects the wires. In this case, the only wires that you need are the ones that come from the cap, to separate them from the ones that go to the handlebars.

​Step #3 Take the speaker wire and attach it to the socket

We are in the most crucial step in the hotwiring process. These wires are the most important in this process and so you need to be careful as you work with them. To hotwire the bike, attach the wire to the socket. After that, try pulling the cap that separates the wires that connect to the handlebar. Now, try inserting one side of the wire inside the socket with the other side on the other end of the socket.

​Step #4 Tap the ignition button

After you insert the speaker wire in its respective place, you will notice some lights. Once that happens, it’s now time to press the button. After tapping the button, you will hear engine sounds and your bike is now ready to hit the road. To make sure that wires do not fall off, you can use a tape to stick them in place. After you get to your destination, you can now find the help of a professional to get a new key. Also, if you know where to find your bike key, do so and get ready for the next ride.

There you have it! Losing bike keys does not mean that you cannot ride anymore. That is why hotwiring was invented. Just make good use of the above steps on how to hotwire a motorcycle, you are good to go. 

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