How to Reupholster Motorcycle Seats?

Getting a motorcycle and riding on it is probably one of the most exciting things that kill all the stress and make you feel relieved. However, along with a motorcycle comes the responsibility to take care of it properly. Taking it to a mechanic every time for repair is not good for your wallet. You need to be able to learn a few DIY projects to make your way out of any motorcycle issues. One of the most important elements in a motorcycle is its seat. Every biker needs to know how to reupholster motorcycle seats to increase comfort and durability.

Steps to reupholster motorcycle seat

Instead of wasting a few pennies on a new motorcycle seat every time, you can follow this guide to reupholstering the worn-out seat to make it stay in good condition for another few years. 

Things you need:

  • You can use leather or marine-grade vinyl 
  • Staple gun
  • New staples
  • Adhesive

Pick a Material:

When it comes to the process of reupholstering your motorcycle seat, you can choose either leather or marine-grade vinyl. Leather is durable and strong, but it needs to be well maintained in all seasons, whereas marine-grade vinyl is durable and suits all climates. Vinyl is the best material if you are a regular rider. 

Measuring the motorcycle seat:

After choosing the material, you need to prepare the length, design, and complexity of the seat cover based on the design of the old cover. You should be extra careful while cutting the patterns according to the old seat. 

Remove the old staples and determine the length of it

It is necessary to know the tack or staple length. You should start removing each staple and measure the length of it. Now choose the staple length carefully. The staple length should not be too short because it will not hold on to the seat cover; it should also not be too long because it gets prickly while riding the motorcycle. Consider the thickness of material length while choosing the length.

Set the depth and staple the material:

After the determination of length, you need to take a stapler to staple it. Do not start using a stapler willy nilly. You should set the depth first and regulate the staple depth according to it. Be careful that the staple depth is not too deep or too shallow. Otherwise, you might damage the material. 

Choose an Anchor point:

To start upholstering the new seat cover, you need to set a perfect anchor point. The anchor point allows you to pull the material against the center point to keep things in place. 

Staple up the seat

Now positioning the staple is a vital part to hold the whole thing in one place. The staples must be positioned in a perpendicular direction to enhance the surface area of the staple. Carefully cover the whole seat by stapling and do not leave any loose ends. 


How to upholster motorcycle seat? Upholstering takes a lot of practice, and you may not be able to succeed in the first attempt. However, you can take off the staples from vinyl and reestablish the whole thing again correctly. Don’t be afraid over the entire process, and don’t let any failure hold you back. Even though you don’t have any prior skills, the process is pretty simple, and you can do it yourself.

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