How to Cover a Motorcycle Seat with Leather?

Being on your favorite two-wheeler can refresh your mood instantly and make you forget about all your tensions for a moment. But you need to take care of your sitting position for more thrilling comfort. You need to sit in a relaxed state to drive perfectly. An imperfect seat can ruin your mood to ride and also hurt your back. Covering your motorcycle seat with leather offers you many benefits like comfort and protection.

Let’s find out how to cover a motorcycle seat with leather-

Steps to follow:

Covering your seat with leather makes your motorcycle look stylish anytime you hope for it. It also helps you to focus on the road instead of feeling discomfort from a tough seat. Exotic leather also increases the durability of your motorcycle seat. You don’t plan to replace the motorcycle seat every time, so covering it with leather enhances the lifetime. 

Things you need:

  • Motorcycle seat
  • new leather material
  • Spray adhesive
  • Foam mat
  • staple gun
  • scissors

The process of covering the motorcycle seat with leather?

  1. Clean the motorcycle seat using a cleaning solution and remove all the debris from it
  2. Measure the motorcycle seat using tape and write down the measurements. 
  3. Now cut the leather according to the measurements using scissors. 
  4. Use a foam mat if you need it for extra comfort and place it on the motorcycle seat. 
  5. Now after the foam is addressed, you should start covering the seat with leather. Pull the leather as tight as possible all over the seat and staple it securely in the place.
  6. Staple the front part and back part of the leather material and make sure it is Centered. 
  7. Pull over all the sides tightly and staple the bottom part around the seat. You have to fold and cut out the excess material of leather. 
  8. Now, as the leather is fixed perfectly around the seat, you need to begin the finishing process. If you find any wrinkles on the leather, pour some boiling water on the leather. It will make the leather soft and also shrink up all the wrinkles. 
  9. Let the leather dry, and you can apply some finishing compounds like leather oils to make it water-resistant. That’s all – your motorcycle will get ready for your next ride with a lot of improved comfort, durability, and style. 


Make sure to keep the leather tight, and if there is any loose end formed between the seat and leather, you will get uncomfortable.  Once you have covered your motorcycle seat with exotic leather, your riding experience improves and makes you feel more enjoyable.

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