How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain

Are you among those riders who believe that once it starts raining, it’s time to put your motorbike in your garage until the sunny season comes in spring? If you are, then you are missing out on the most thrilling side of cycling. While we cannot deny that riding on the rains is dangerous, we also cannot deny that it is a lot of fun, as long as you know how to do it safely. To make sure you take advantage of what the rainy season brings, here are tips on how to ride a motorcycle in the rain.

Do not trust puddles

Most people love passing by puddles, to get that feel of splashing waters. However, while that is fun, you are not sure of what is hiding in that puddle. It might be deep or hiding some sharp objects that can damage your bike. If there is no other way but through a puddle, you need to hold the bike throttle slowly with the bike upright without using the brakes. That way you are safe!

Avoid shiny or smooth looking surfaces

An area that is slippery during the dry season becomes worse once it pours. If you see a painted line, metal plates, or tar snakes, it is good to avoid riding through them. If you must pass there, do not apply hard brakes or accelerate. All you need is to roll over without sudden actions.

Remain calm

When riding in the rain, stay calm without any sudden tricks. Any sudden braking acceleration or steering can easily affect your traction and rollover. If holding the hard brakes is a must, do it slowly.

Make sure you wear reflective gears

During the rains, there is decreased visibility and you may not see the distance. That is why you should always wear reflective gear or bright-colored clothes since they are the only things that can make you visible to other drivers while their car wipers move across the windshield.

Braking distance 

During the rain, your braking distance is not as good as when the ground is dry. That is why you need to make sure you increase the braking distance when on a wet road. Also, make sure you make steady corners. Also, it is good to ride vertically to make sure your tires have enough contact with the ground and beat the water via the tire threads. As you brake, use light brakes on the front to help you increase the braking distance

Rainbow is not your best friend

If you notice a rainbow on the road, it is probably a pool of oil spilled on the ground and that can be fatal. Never pass through the rainbow as they are slippery. If you must pass through them, it is good to ride slowly and carefully to  remain safe on the road.  

Locate a somehow dry lane

While this sounds obvious, it is not surprising to see people riding in a wet lane even when the opposite lane is a bit dry. A dry pavement offers better traction and easy to maneuver. With that in mind, always make sure you ride on the driest section on the road. The best way to get the dry section is by following car tires since as they move; they disperse water away from the road. 

The above tips are not only satisfying but will make you a better and more confident rider. Even though every ride varies depending on the city weather, as long as you follow the tips keenly you will surely enjoy what the wet roads have to offer. Riding on stormy weather is very terrifying, but just because it is raining, it should not stop you from riding. Besides, who dreams of storing their favorite motorbike in the garage for several months every year, simply because it’s raining?

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