How To Lock Helmet To Motorcycle

Have you ever experienced the ill-feeling of having to walk with your helmet while you would have locked it on your bike? Did you carry it for fear of theft, or is it that you didn’t have a lock? Well, we can all agree that with so many helmet locks in the market claiming to be the best, but you cannot ensure full helmet safety until you use the locks properly. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a guide on how to lock helmet to motorcycle. Enjoy the read!

The handlebar lock

A handle-bar helmet lock is a visible one, and many love its design. The lock is made of durable and beautiful metal that doesn’t need any polish or paint. This lock holds the helmet in place on the handlebar and keeps it safe. When getting such a lock, you may choose to get the two of them, for both visual appeal and the balance on the handlebar. 

A cord lock

Just like its name, the lock comes with a cord that is made of rubber to increase its durability. The cord runs around your helmet while locking it in place using a key or a combination of several keys. 

The bolt lock

These locks usually use a key and are cylindrical. The bolt locks are tiny, easy to install, and are meant to sit on the bike permanently. They come with a motorbike helmet holder where you can lock your helmet securely. The good thing about bolt lock is that they are very strong and so you can park your bike anywhere without worrying that someone might run away with your helmet, or wind blowing it away.

License plate lock

Such locks are located at the rear side of the bike, on a license plate holder. The lock does not only leave the bike’s appearance original but also maintains balance since it is located at the center. These locks are made of metal, which means that once you lock your helmet in place, no one can get it from there without your permission.

The locks aren’t hard to install and require nothing more than a wrench. In less than half an hour, the installation will be done.

Lock the helmet with a gun-lock

As funny as it sounds, gun lock can act as a helmet lock. While it is essential to have a helmet lock, the locks are expensive, and you may save much if you own a spare gun lock. In the USA, Asia, and some other parts of the world, every gun is bought with a gun lock and so many people own more than one. In case you do not have any, ask around from friends, and you will get one. These locks fit perfectly on the helmet’s chin, and you can secure it by locking it to the bike’s handlebars.  

A bicycle cable lock

A bicycle cable lock is another alternative when it comes to locks, especially for those under budget. What I like about the lock is its length since they are long. As a result, it is easy for you to put the helmet safely. The only thing that we did not like about the lock is that it is not very safe since one can easily cut the cable. 

There you have it. If you own a motorbike and have been wondering of ways to keep your helmet or tank bag safe on the bike, you no longer have to worry. Whether you are under budget or not, you can always get a lock that meets your needs. Just make good use of the above information and avoid carrying your helmet everywhere. Besides, that’s tiring.

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