How to winterize a motorcycle?

How to winterize a motorcycle?

During the winter, it’s important to know how to winterize a motorcycle. Changing the fluids, especially the engine oil, is essential to prevent contaminants from damaging the engine. It is also a good idea to replace the oil filter. Depending on the make and model of your motorcycle, you may have to change the transmission … Read more

Is It Illegal to Wear a Gopro on Your Motorcycle Helmet?

Is It Illegal to Wear a Gopro on Your Motorcycle Helmet

Riding a motorcycle is a popular outdoor activity practiced by professionals and also amateurs. Motorcycle activities such as sports and recreation are popular, with over 4500 events every year. Therefore, a cyclist should use these intelligent risk approaches to evade injuries in sports or recreation activities. Wear the right gear “Is it illegal to wear … Read more

What to Do With Motorcycle Helmet When Parked?

What to Do With Motorcycle Helmet When Parked

The first thing you should do when arriving at any destination is making sure your motorcycle is parked in a safe and legal area. In most jurisdictions, helmets are an obligation when riding, so in many cases, this means that you will have a helmet on while parked. The question of helmet removal came up … Read more

How to keep your motorcycle clean at all times

how to wash a motorcycle

The cleanest motorcycle is a motorcycle that you never ride. Oil, fresh pavement, coolant, and dirt cling to an experienced motorcycle, but a film of dirt masks leaking gaskets and weeping oil seals. A monthly wash will not only keep the paint shiny but will also help you catch any problem with your bike before … Read more